50 Indoor Winter Activities for Kids Ages 8-12

Here are some fun indoor Winter activities for kids ages 8-12 that are sure to bring lots of smiles! These activities can be done using materials you probably already have on-hand. Here is a list of 50 indoor activities to connect with your kids while spending quality time together. Celebrate snow days while still staying warm indoors with these creative activities! Be sure to scroll down for a free printable of this list to keep on-hand for future reference.

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50 Indoor Winter Activities for Kids Ages 8-12

Here are 50 Indoor Winter Activities for Kids Ages 8-12:

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  1. Learn how to make balloon dogs.
  2. Whip up a batch of fluffy snow slime.
  3. Make a snowball stress ball with oobleck and white balloons.
  4. Find/make a cozy place and read.
  5. Make origami bookmarks with handy tutorials from Red Ted Art.
  6. Make a box lid maze.
  7. String up some candy necklaces to give to friends.
  8. Make snowman snack mix!
  9. Make some snowman cheese stick snacks.
  10. Try one of these 15 Netflix streaming downloads for kids ages 8-12.
  11. Craft up a bird feeder for your feathered friends.
  12. Create your own Winter video game using Scratch.
  13. Crank up some music and have a living room dance party!
  14. Paint beautiful snowflake trivets.
  15. Build a giant craft stick snowflake.
  16. Read the book Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan. Get this book on Amazon here.
  17. Make a duct tape pencil case.
  18. Try zentangle.
  19. Make your own fidget spinner out of paper.
  20. Tidy up your room and set out outfits for the next week.
  21. Write a thank you note.
  22. Make a smartphone projector from a cardboard box.
  23. Make a paper house village with this free printable template.
  24. Create a vision board for your future goals.
  25. Paper hair salon.
  26. Make a rock cactus garden.
  27. Fold up paper fortune tellers.
  28. Create a personalized homework station.
  29. Make sparkly CD ornaments.
  30. Craft up some flextangles with this free printable template from Babble Dabble Do.
  31. Make party poppers and fill with cotton balls to look like snow.
  32. Get out some of your favorite board games.
  33. Start a scrapbook project.
  34. Try one of these watercolor projects.
  35. Chalk and glue art project.
  36. Practice Math facts with these free printable hot cocoa Math worksheets.
  37. Learn how to braid with yarn.
  38. Build a pillow fort.
  39. Do a jigsaw puzzle. Here is a list of some of our favorite puzzles.
  40. Make clever stuffed animal disguises.
  41. Design your own secret code to send messages to friends.
  42. Try paper marbling using this awesome Suminagashi technique.
  43. Use recyclables to build a bird house.
  44. Make a mini sketchbook from a sheet of paper.
  45. Make a hot cocoa cart!
  46. Write a short story.
  47. Make some paper plants.
  48. Make marbled nail polish coasters.
  49. Design your own tie-dye t-shirts with this tutorial from Babble Dabble Do.
  50. Draw your own comic book with these free printable blank comic book pages.

Free Printable:

Get a free .pdf printable of this handy list of indoor Winter activities for kids ages 8-12 here.

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