Winter Treat – Snowman Snack Mix

This snowman snack mix is the perfect no-bake Winter treat that kids can make to give to friends or family! The best part is that it uses common ingredients that you may already have on-hand in your pantry. My kids enjoyed making several small bags of this snowman snack mix for simple handmade holiday gifts! You may want to make some snowman cheese stick snacks to go along with it.

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Holiday Treats -- Snowman Snack Mix -- so cute!!

To make your own snowman snack mix, you will need:

Invite the kids to spoon a small amount of each of the ingredients listed above into a small zip topped bag. Once the bag is full, seal the bag.

To make the bag toppers, you will need:

Fold a blank index card in half. Label the card with “Snowman Snack Mix”. Have an adult staple it to the top of the bag.

Give your snowman snack mix holiday treat to someone special!

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