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1. Can you share your daily schedule with us? I’d like to know how you plan your day…like when you have breakfast, what you do after that, what do you do in the afternoon, etc.

Sure! I have never thought to post this because I think of our daily schedule as being quite boring, but I get asked this question a lot, so here goes our Summer schedule (a bit different from other times of the year)…

The girls are generally up at 7:30am, sometimes a bit earlier or later depending on how much we did the day before. We usually go down stairs, eat breakfast and that’s when Emily and I will discuss what we would like to do that day. For the most part, I let her take the lead on this for at least one project during the course of the day. For example, if I have several errands to run that day, I might tell her that we need to get those things done first, and then ask her what she would like to do after that.

There are days when she has what I refer to as “illusions of grandeur” — plans that are simply too complicated or too involved to be done in a day. If that is the case, I’ll suggest that we start drawing up the plans that day, or begin the first couple of steps of the project to be completed over the course of the week/month/season/whatever. It’s a good compromise.

After breakfast, we get dressed and get to work on our project! It’s these pockets of time that I’m particularly grateful for, even if they only last for a few minutes!

Emily will usually help me to get lunch ready, and Clara sometimes helps to set the table. After lunch, Clara goes down for a nap — this is the one part of our schedule where I am super-strict! Do NOT mess with the nap time! Go directly to bed, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

At this point, sometimes I will put together the post for the blog while Emily plays quietly. Or Emily and I will do some light housework together downstairs, or perhaps another small project geared towards older kids which Clara wouldn’t be able to participate in. It really doesn’t matter, and depends on our mood that day, the condition of the house, the weather, etc.

Once Clara is up, we’ll finish up with whatever housework or project we’re working on, and have some story time. I’ll read at least 3 books, and Emily will read at least 2. Sometimes we’ll visit a local playground, the library, or maybe the zoo until it’s time to start prepping dinner. Again, Emily is a big help with that! Even if some days all she does is play with Clara so I can get dinner ready, it is a big help!

Mark comes home from work, we eat dinner, and enjoy some family time together. He gets the girls ready for bed (because he’s awesome) while I schedule the post for the blog for the next day.

2. Have you ever tried freezing the recipe for your Homemade Chewy Granola bars?

I have not tried freezing the granola bars simply because they never last long in our house! However, I have received many emails from readers who claim that they freeze quite well! Also, if the bars are wrapped in wax paper, they will last for 2 weeks and still be delicious!

3. Is bleeding art tissue paper the same as gift tissue paper? Where can I find bleeding art tissue paper?

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No, it is not the same. Bleeding art tissue paper spreads color when it is wet, and gift tissue will not. This makes bleeding art tissue paper a good alternative to messy paint. Bleeding art tissue paper is inexpensive and can be purchased online through Amazon or Blick Art.

4. What is contact paper and where can I buy it?

We use clear contact paper for many projects, as it is a no-mess alternative to glue. It is clear, and one side has adhesive backing. It is very affordable, and you can find it at Target in the shelf-liner section.

5. Where can I buy colored masking tape?

Another supply we use quite often in various projects is colored masking tape. It is available at Blick Art, and also online through Amazon. In some cases, you may be able to substitute with colored electrical tape, which can be found at Target.

6. Where can I buy canvas board?

Any art supply store will carry canvas board, as does Wal-Mart. You can substitute with corrugated cardboard.

7. Do you get tired in the afternoon? If so, how do you handle that?

Yes, of course!! Sometimes I manage to sneak in a nap while Clara is napping and Emily is playing quietly. Otherwise I have a not-so-secret stash of dark chocolate and organic tea which helps perk me up! Thank goodness for dark chocolate!!

8. How do you get your husband to comment on your blog?

He needs very little persuading from me! What I love about the blog is that when Mark comes home, he can check and see what we have been up to during the day while he is at work. If you’ve never read the comments, you are missing out! Mark has built up his own little fan club here on Inner Child Fun with readers clicking just to see his comments!!

9. Have you always been frugal? If not, when did you start living the frugal lifestyle? Was it hard to transition?

Yes, I can say that we have pretty much always been frugal, and I grew up learning lots of money-saving tips from my parents. We have always lived on half of our income — even when Mark and I were first married, we didn’t have kids, and we were both working. This allowed us to save up for the house, and stay out of debt. When I made the decision to stay home with the girls, it was a fairly easy transition financially since we had always lived on just half of our income.

10. I would like to feature your projects on my blog. Is it okay to use one image and link back to Inner Child Fun?

Absolutely!! I really appreciate the link back to Inner Child Fun, and you may use one image per post to link back.

11. How can I learn more about advertising on your blog?

Our blog gets over 200,000 hits per month, and many of our readers are made up of parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers of young children.

There are many ways to advertise here on Inner Child Fun including displaying your ad in the sidebar, sponsoring a post, sponsoring a product giveaway, and more! Email me at valerie (at) innerchildfun (dot) com  for more information and for a list of our current rates.

12. I LOVE your blog!!! What are some things I can do to help support Inner Child Fun?

THANK YOU!!! Here are some other ways you can help to support Inner Child Fun, so we can continue to post fun, unique, easy, and frugal activities:

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  1. Great post! I always enjoy reading your husband’s comments! Also, I have to get some bleeding tissue paper.

  2. Mark is being entirely too slow to comment on this post. It’s been at least a couple of minutes :).

    Here’s another question: What’s your favorite chocolate?

    Oh you meant a serious question, okay then, what’s a school year schedule like?

    • LOL — I love Green & Black’s Mayan Gold, and really feel like I’m indulging myself! Unfortunately, it’s not always at our local grocery store, but Dove dark chocolate is very tasty too.

      I think a school year schedule is worth another post, so I’ll be doing that soon! Great question!!

  3. Dear Valerie,

    You forgot question 13: “How do you handle both being so awesome and smokin’ hot?”


    • I bet Mark has this post bookmarked and revisits it often. :>)

      • Lenetta, I think I will have to interview Mark for an upcoming post…. stay tuned!! You never know what may happen!! LOL

    • **sigh** It’s so difficult!! I really struggle with it — especially when my awesomeness gets in the way of my super good-looks. What can I say?? It’s a rough life! LOL 😉

  4. thanks for this great post. i would love to hear more about your photography. you have really great photos of the girls. what photography gear do you use and how did you learn to take such great photos?

    • Thanks so much, Elana! I use a Nikon D40 with the 18-55mm lens– a very basic, simple camera that we purchased refurbished from Amazon’s Warehouse Deals. (Because we are frugal, after all!)

      I think the secret to taking good photos is to take a LOT of photos!!! I probably shoot about 100 photos a day (!!), so only a couple make it to the blog. Lots of experimenting with different camera settings and good lighting. For the indoor shots, I sometimes use an external flash and bounce the light off of the ceiling so it doesn’t look so harsh.

      • thanks for your answer. do you use automatic or manual??? is there something that you can recommend that helped you learn? or you just learned it all by playing with the camera?

        • Elana,

          We typically use automatic, but sometimes move it to manual when it won’t focus quite where we want it to.

          With some of the nicer lenses, you can just turn the dial to focus manually. The 18-55mm lens is not one of the nicer ones. Neither one of us took any photography courses — it’s more of an art than a science.

          Here are a few tips:

          * Look at what you consider to be a beautiful photograph, and figure out what makes it beautiful to you. Sometimes they are just basic elements which can be recreated in your composition.
          * This might sound silly — hold your breath when you snap the shot! Many times it comes out better.
          * Above all else, experiment!


  5. Valerie – I’ve been meaning to ask what you use to create your super-fun home videos? Thanks!

    • Hi Mimi! Mark and I have had fun making silly videos since we were first married (years before we had kids)!! We now use a pocket camcorder — Kodak Zi8. To edit the videos, I use iMovie.

  6. Nice post. You have a great blog and I appreciate that even though you are busy with your kids and the blog, you still have time to visit and comment over at mine.

    Keep up the great work.

    PS. Your husband is hilarious. I do enjoy his comments.

    • Thanks so much, LJ! I love visiting your blog to see what you’re up to! xoxo 🙂 I know Mark was happy to hear you enjoy his comments too!

  7. Great post! You get a lot done in one day!

    I didn’t even realize you were on FB; I just “liked” you!

    Someday you should post your school year schedule!

    I’m so happy that Mark comments because he always makes me smile! :0)

    • Yay!! So happy you “liked” us on FB! I was so slow getting on there, but finally caved in to all the peer pressure. LOL

      I’ll be posting our school schedule this Fall — stay tuned!

      Your comments always make our day!! xoxo 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for this post. I love hearing other SAHM schedules. My children are 2 and 9 months, 21 months apart and I feel, most days, that we don’t have a schedule. I know it will come.
    Mark’s comments are incredibly amusing!

    • You must be incredibly busy! I wouldn’t worry about having much of a routine. Ours is still very flexible and laid back (other than the sacred nap time, that is.) So happy you enjoy Mark’s comments — he is always making me laugh too!!

  9. Thanks for the look into your day =)

  10. Do you homeschool? I’d also like to hear your school year schedule.

    • I homeschooled Emily from the time she was 2 up until this school year when she will be attending public school for 1st grade. Homeschooling worked beautifully for us, and I plan to homeschool Clara starting this fall too! I’ll be sure to post our school schedule this Fall — stay tuned!

  11. What a great post it is nice to get to know a little more about you…I also really enjoy your blog and love using the ideas you share with my two little girls :0)

  12. Your ideas are always inspiring and Mark’s comments always make me laugh. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Vanessa!! I know Mark appreciates comments about his comments LOL! 🙂

  13. Loved reading this post! I completely forgot to look in the shelf lining section.. its now on my list for the next time I go to Target!

  14. Thanks for the inside schedule!


    • You’re welcome, Vanessa! We’re really quite flexible. I like to go with the flow most days. 🙂

  15. Thanks so much for sharing. WOW you have a wonderful Following. I certainly know why Because I am a faithful visitors of several times a month and sometimes a week.

    YOUR pictures are amazing this week. DID you get a new camera?

    • I’m so happy you stop by our little bloggy blog so often! Always so nice to see you here!!

      It’s the same camera, but I think I got really lucky with some fantastic lighting conditions this past week! Thanks!!!

  16. Thankyou for being you and doing what you do. I have been following your blog for a little while now – although I cannot remember how I stumbled across it 🙂 We live in Australia and have twins aged 4 yrs and another aged 3 yrs and we just love your ideas to kickstart our crafty moments! I would love you to write about your “homeschooling” and how that all works.

    • How fantastic!!! I’m so happy we’ve inspired some crafty fun at your house all the way in Australia!!! I’ll be sure to post our school year schedule this Fall. Be sure to check back! xoxo 🙂

  17. I really enjoyed this post.

  18. I really love your blog. You have so many wonderful and simple projects and fun ideas. I was wondering how you keep your craft supplies organized. Also what about finished projects. How long do you keep them? We seem to have craft supplies and projects all over the house.

    • Great questions! We have a small school room upstairs that we use to store school and craft supplies. There are some photos of that here. (It’s from a loooooong time ago, but you can get the idea)

      More often than not, I keep photos of finished projects and have our favorite ones bound into a photo book or calendar at the end of the year. The projects themselves are either recycled, many are framed and on display in the house, or in many cases, given as gifts. The grandparents have lots of the girls’ art decorating their homes! Since the girls are so prolific with their artwork, we swap their projects out about once a month.

  19. Adorable! Thank you for sharing! Come by tomorrow, I’m having a Master Books Giveaway! Great homeschooling options!


  20. Hello. Do you get up in the morning before your girls wake up? If so, what time? Thanks!

    • Dear Mena,


      Both of the girls are awake before Val is. On many days before I go to work, I get them breakfast and then wake Val up before I leave.

      I guess Val is all tuckered out from the late-night crafting. 😉


  21. I LOVE your blog. I too try to find inexpensive ways to entertain my child. its not so much about being cheap as it is teaching him to use resources around him to suit hi needs! GREAT BLOG!

  22. I love your blog and get lots of great ideas from it and my daughter and I have lots of fun.

    I would love to see pictures of how you have your craft supplies organized/stored.

    I am trying so hard to organize and store our craft materials but haven’t come up with any system that works really well yet.

    Would you mind sharing your system for how you keep all your craft supplies organized/stored.


  23. Hi Valerie,
    I was just told about your site and that you live close by. You have a great parent resource and so do I! Macaronikid, my website covering Lehigh and Berks, is published weekly and gives all the family fun activities, events, shows, travel and more in and around our area. Send me an email so we can chat about how we can help each other!

  24. Hi Valerie,
    I love your site and all the great tips you offer. As a mom of 2, I am always trying to save time and money. Actually, your blog inspired me and 2 friends to create a daily deal site for parents called ( We were emailing each other great deals we found on stuff for our kids. Now we share them with everyone! Signing up is free and every day we send a different deal. They are all 25-80% off and all from major retailers like Toys R Us. It’s our way to help other parents save time and money too!

  25. Hi,

    My name is Jenn and I discovered your site through the Crafty Crow Collective. I’m a children’s book author and I’m putting together a page on my website with craft ideas. Would you mind if I selected several of your winter-themed crafts and linked back to your site? I’d also need to post a photo next to the link.

    Thanks for your wonderful ideas!!!

    Jenn Chushcoff

  26. I LOVE your site! You share so many fun and creative ideas. I have a question, though. Do you keep all of your childrens’ art projects? Do you store them, toss them, etc.? Just wondering. . .

  27. These are some great ideas on the cheap. And I like cheap! Thanks for sharing your creativity and frugality.

  28. I am making the ceramic tile trivets with my class as Mother’s Day gifts. I was able to get the same kind you used! Anyway, I was wondering how long it took the trivets to dry after you applied the polyurethane spray?

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    We asked our readers to nominate their favorite blogs and the top-nominated blogs became finalists in our contest. We just opened the voting and we’ve got some exciting prizes for the top three blogs. Check out the contest here:

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