Cute Food for Kids – Snowman Snack

Looking for ideas for cute food for kids? This Winter snowman snack is super quick and easy to make! These would be fun to add to a child’s lunchbox, or to make for a simple after school snack. My ten year old thought they were adorable, and my six year old almost did not want to eat it because it was too cute…. almost! Wouldn’t these be the perfect kid snack to enjoy after watching the movie Frosty or building a snowman outside?

Cute Food for Kids - Snowman Snack

To make your own snowman snack, you will need:

Step 1

Use permanent markers to draw the hat, eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons of each snowman on the clear wrapper of the cheese stick.

Step 2

Trace the bottom of the dressing container onto a sheet of white paper, and cut it out. Draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth of the snowman. Tape on top of the dressing container.

Step 3

Serve with baby carrots (aka Frosty’s noses).

Here’s a video tutorial from Emily, age 11, explaining how to make snowman cheese stick snacks:

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