50 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained During a Blizzard

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Keeping kids entertained during a blizzard can be quite challenging, especially if they have lots of extra energy to burn. Here are 50 of our favorite indoor activities for while the blizzard is going on, before you head outdoors for some fun in the snow! Added bonus — you probably have everything you need for these activities already on-hand. Yay for easy activities using common household items!!

  1. Indoor Ice Skating
  2. Balloon Volleyball
  3. Build a Fort
  4. Edible Winter Forest
  5. Do some modern art
  6. Make bird feeders from recyclables
  7. Race paper airplanes
  8. Indoor “snowball” fight with balled up socks.
  9. Have a beach day. In the living room.
  10. Hot Cocoa Bar
  11. Read lots of stories
  12. Make a pot of homemade soup and read storybooks about soup while you wait for it to simmer.
  13. Play dough bakery
  14. Winter tree painting
  15. Scratch art Valentines
  16. Build a mini movie theater for stuffed animals
  17. Puffy paint snowflakes in the microwave
  18. Make a beautiful window display
  19. Make your own paint
  20. Fill up some busy bags
  21. Make a shadow puppet theater
  22. Snowflake suncatchers
  23. Paint up some story stones and take turns telling stories
  24. Open a pretend pizzeria
  25. Make smoothies and drink them up with silly mustache straws
  26. Make your own cherry blossoms
  27. Have a birthday party for your favorite teddy bear
  28. Living room picnic
  29. Try a game of carpet golf
  30. Build a cardboard city
  31. Open a pretend ice cream shop — bring in a container of snow for “ice cream”
  32. Newspaper play structures
  33. Marshmallow and toothpick sculptures
  34. Snow filled sensory bin
  35. Play in a laundry basket
  36. Use masking tape for roads and blocks for buildings — a town for toy cars to explore
  37. Open a pretend flower shop
  38. Write a letter or put together a package for a faraway friend
  39. Do puzzles together
  40. Printable play space for small toys
  41. Paint with water on a chalkboard
  42. Take a mini-vacation without leaving your house
  43. Living room dance party
  44. Printable bird house play set
  45. Make friendship necklace kits to give to friends
  46. Create an awesome remote
  47. Make an easy fishing game
  48. Bake cookies together
  49. Make a marble run
  50. Make ice ornaments

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  1. We live in the Sunshine Coast, Queenslad AUSTRALIA – no blizzards here BUT we do get other severe weather that forces us inside so this list will come in handy I’m sure ;).
    Thanks for posting!

    • That’s a good point, Louise! Hope this is helpful to you! 🙂

    • You have tons of great ideas! I also love doing fun little projects and crafts with my kiddos! I have started blogging a lot of my ideas on my blog littlesproutsbylindsay.blogspot.com!

  2. Oh my goodness. You have thought of everything. We could entertain ourselves for months with your great ideas! Thankfully, we are digging out today so it’s really just 24 hours of being stuck inside. Nemo wasn’t so bad for us in Boston except for the 2 feet of snow to remove.

    • *phew* That is a lot of snow! I was in NYC just after the storm, and travel there wasn’t too bad for me, but it was awful for those coming from the North or who were flying in. Stay safe!!