Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Window

It’s time for another pretty window display — this one was very much inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright! [Update: A kind reader notified me by commenting below that it closely resembles the work of Piet Mondrian. Thanks, Chris!!]

I love using tissue paper on glass, and this time I combined the tissue paper with some black Acid-Free Masking Tape to make this design on our front door.

I started with the masking tape to make the design. I didn’t bother to measure anything, just eye-balled it. Then held some tissue paper against the glass, and made some folds to “measure” pieces to cut out. Very simple, frugal, and easy to do!

The kids enjoyed gluing the tissue paper pieces into place with some washable glue stick. Washable glue stick works well on glass, and the tissue paper (and masking tape) peel off easily. The remaining glue can be wiped off with a damp sponge.

While we were doing this, a few neighbors were out walking their dogs, and stopped to take a look and smile! I love how something as simple as masking tape and tissue paper can be so pretty!!

These little window displays of ours are getting to be quite the tradition around here — you can see other designs we’ve made here, here, and here!

Have fun!!


  1. It’s beautiful!! I love how this turned out!

  2. Valerie, This is great. How simple and eye catching.Thank you for all your wonderful ideas.

  3. Dear Valerie,

    Thanks for leaving a spot open in the middle so that we can have, you know, an actual window. 🙂


  4. Beautiful and inspiring!

  5. This looks so pretty! So-so tempted!

  6. Hi Valerie,

    I just pinned this and was corrected on the artist. Just thought I better let you know. Love it! Patio door art here we come!

  7. It’s so very very pretty!

  8. shannonmarye says

    love your blog so not trying to be a negative nelly, but as an art teacher I just need to say these are Mondrian inspired, not Wright.

  9. Looks amazing – I want to try! You are going to make all your neighbors jealous! Frank Lloyd Wright works for this! Mondrian painted.

  10. Love it Val! We are big Frank Lloyd Wright fans around here and if our storm door was full size I’d do this to it in a heartbeat! I used to have the windows in my art classroom painted this way but I did it with tempera paint (mixed with a dash of dish soap) to scrape off the glass when we were done! Love your tape and tissue method, it’s even easier : )

  11. shannonmarye says

    But Wright would never use the same colors that Mondrian did. Wright used the color of nature. And Mondrian did more than paint.

  12. I’m a huge Mondrian fan, so that’s what I thought of first when I saw this. Now that I look at it, it has the lines of a Wright window and the colors of a late Mondrian painting. If you’re ever in Holland, check out the Gemeentemuseum in the Hague. ( lots of Mondrian and Escher.

  13. How neat. i’ve got to try this on our front door. It would really spruce up our drab room.


  14. oh gosh, i love this! though i might try it with window crayons because i don’t have any tissue paper at home right now! 🙂 lisa


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