How to Take a Mini Vacation

Looking for an inexpensive vacation?? Want to just get away from it all?? Tired of being treated like cattle at traditional airports? Then it’s time to take a mini vacation! Here’s how… in just 10 easy steps!

Step 1: Pack your bags!! — This is crucial to that feeling of leaving it all behind, and it’s fun to pack all the “essentials”.

Don’t forget your sunglasses!!

Step 2: Hop on a Flight! — Real airports are soooo over-rated. What you really want is quality service right in your own living room. Look at all that legroom! Umm… nevermind the sleeping pilot.

Step 3: Play Travel Games! — Fun, fun, fun!

Step 4: Soak Up Some Sun! — Ah yes, the warmth of a sunny day at the beach… Can you feel your stress just melting away??

Step 5: Go for a Swing in the Hammock! — Or just take a nap… whichever you prefer.

Step 6: Mail Out Postcards! — Show friends and family that you’re thinking of them during your far away travels.

Step 7: Take a Dip in the Ocean! — You did pack your swim suit, didn’t you? If not, go back and repeat step 1.

Step 8: Treat Yourself to Some Candy! — I’m pretty sure Clara thinks this is what vacation is all about.

Step 9: Go See a Movie — Head over to the nearest second-run theater and see whatever is playing. Be spontaneous! Popcorn is a must!

Step 10: Take the Train Home — Now that you’re feeling relaxed and refreshed, it’s time to head home.


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  1. This is so cute!

  2. What a wonderful vacation! =)

  3. This is hilarious and so fun, Valerie!! You’ll have to write a few travelocity reviews to wrap it all up πŸ˜‰ your daughters hit the parent jackpot with you and mark!!

  4. That is one fun-filled vacation!

  5. Love it! Bikini and all!! What a trip! : )

  6. I love it! We did the take a dip in the ocean a while back. . .inspired!

  7. LOVE all of these. We just made a fun pretend campfire today and tomorrow I think we’ll pack our bags and pretend to go on the airplane! Great idea. I about died when I saw your darling vintage suitcase. I have one of those for sale in my new etsy store πŸ™‚

    • Oh, how fantastic!!! Have fun!

      Oh my goodness, it IS the exact same one!! We adore that suitcase!! πŸ™‚

  8. You just love pretend play πŸ™‚ Nice round-up of your wisdom in one post.

  9. Very fun! We were suppose to be in the car right now on the way for a mini vacation and Sammy puked about 2 hours ago.. so we might have to pretend to be on vacation later πŸ™

    • Hope he feels better soon. He made like to take an arm chair vacation — those can be fun too! We’ve gone on a few of those…

  10. So awesome. We’re totally going on a family vacation this weekend when Daddy’s home!

  11. Best way to travel, by train. We need some good box trains here.

    • Agreed!! Em took a trip to China in one. Rule of physics/geography are sooo over-rated. πŸ˜‰

  12. Wow! That is a fantastic mini vacation! So creative and looks a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!! It’s always lots of fun — esp. when you have the itch to go someplace! Have fun!! xoxo

  13. okay! i have that EXACT suitcase. : )

  14. You all have so much fun! What a great vacation!

  15. This is awesome! I am going to try this with my five children this weekend! Thanks for sharing!


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