Play Dough Bakery!

A good part of this morning was spent playing with Play Dough! I recommend at least 15 minutes a day of mandatory play dough time for everyone — it is great stress relief, and perfect for lots of pretend play! We sometimes make our own, but Clara was gifted with some Play Doh over the holidays, so we used it for this.

I gathered up some fun baking things from around the house, including: muffin tins, birthday candles, a large cutting board, rolling pin, cookie cutters, icing spreader, cookie sheets, cake server, and plastic plates just to name a few!

Then I invited Clara over for some play time fun!!

She seemed to particularly love the birthday candles, and enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to herself over and over again!

She was busy baking lots of muffins!

I recycled an empty spice container, added a few dried beans (they were bigger than the holes in the top of the spice container, so they didn’t come out), and it made fun pretend sprinkles!!! Everyone knows the most fun part about baking is the sprinkles!!!!

Yay for more sprinkles!!!

We also discovered that an empty yogurt container makes a perfect play dough cake mold!

I couldn’t resist this much fun, and had to make up a fun batch of cupcakes for our very special bakery!

I love that something as simple as play dough plus a few things from around the house made her so very happy! Later, we set up shop, and she tried to sell me colorful cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, and donuts for $20 each — this bakery is pricey!!!

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    These muffins taste.. well, awfully bland. Boy are they filling, too!


    • Oh sure, first the felt cookies taste like they’re high in fiber, and now the play dough muffins are too bland? Picky, picky, picky! 😉

  2. How fun! I love those cupcakes!

  3. play dough is the best!

  4. With all the things for decorating cakes, like fondant, those look like you could actually eat them. I’m sure the person who did would be sorry 🙂

  5. From what I recall, you gave Clara all those things that you don’t really use 🙂 This bakery is awesome, and I really-really like the idea of adding actual birthday candles that can be easily used as designed after some minor clean up.

    • You are SO right about that, Natalie! I completely stole most of Mark’s baking tools for this — as I am constantly doing for my own selfish crafting purposes!

      Muhahahaha!!! 🙂

  6. Oh perfect! Playdough is just the best, it has been my stand by for 14 years! I love this post, your photos made me grin very widely!

  7. I love that you made a theme for the play dough time. We use play dough a lot, but now I’m going to put together some “kits”.

  8. okay serious those cupcakes you made actually look like very yummy cupcakes with tons of icing! Love the “sprinkles”!

  9. Great photos with this post! So much FUN!!!

  10. I agree! It looks good enough to eat. Are those silicone baking cups? On a side note, I’ve always wondered if those work well or if a few get accidentally thrown away after cupcake eating…

  11. Just $20, dahr-ling? Oh no, no, no, no! When using gold flake sprinkles, ze price must be at LEAST $100 a piece, dahr-ling!

  12. We love play dough! I find it to be a great activity for C when he comes home from school. His day is so long and he often needs something to ease his transition from school to home. Play dough is perfect for that.

  13. This is sooo awesome!

  14. I was just looking for a fun activity for my boys valentines party! I think that this would be so fun! Thank you for all your great ideas 🙂

  15. I love their prices ! My daughter sold me a pair of shoes for 3000 dollars when she was 3. And ice cream for 1 dollar. Great !

  16. I’m telling you that your girls are so lucky. I never liked playdough, thought it was messy. I made my kids play in the garage with it! I feel so bad about that now!

  17. Thanks for being my inspiration!!!!

  18. Thanks for the great reminders about play dough. What a great idea to add birthday candles and the sprinkle jar! My 4 year old will love this even though we have an abundance of tools!

  19. I love your blog although my boys are older 9,11,and 14 my 2 little one’s still love playdough as I do… 🙂 but I really love your blog and wanted to tell you so (again)lol and the fact that WOW your little one is getting so big..I feel like I have watched her grow up. well I guess I have actually via: blog Have a great day.

  20. oh great! Love the cakes and we also have playdough activities planned for next week. Loving the idea of adding real kitchen items to enhance the play!!

  21. I agree, there should be mandatory play dough time every day!! Love the little cupcakes you made….did you use cupcake liners to make them?

  22. I always give my daughter cookie cutters to play with playdough, but I have never thought to give her baking cups etc. She is obsessed with cupcakes and birthdays. She would LOVE to do this. Thanks for the great idea!

  23. I loved this post. I shared it with my readers today.

  24. I love your ideas for playdough. We just posted a great Homemade Playdough Recipe and I posted about your ideas along with it.

    Great ideas!!


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