Introducing… Awesome Remote!

Need a little more awesomeness in your life? Introducing…. Awesome Remote! The must-have gadget that makes everything just a little more awesome!!!

Awesome Remote comes with these great features to make everything AWESOME!!!

  • Instant Gift
  • Bacon!!!!
  • Sunshine
  • Money
  • Balloons
  • Mail
  • Flowers
  • and….. Bubbles!!!

Awesome Remote makes even the most un-cool situations instantly more awesome.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a video showing Awesome Remote in action!!

Awesome Remote from Valerie Frugal Family on Vimeo.

Awesome Remote is not available in stores everywhere. To get your own, apply labels to the buttons on an old TV remote. Enjoy!!!

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  1. this is TOO funny! I’d have to add a bill-payer button to mine!

  2. That is so cute! My 14 month old son would love that–he loves remotes (and computer cables and light switches and anything with dials or fasteners). We’re going to stop buying toys and just give him old electronics. πŸ™‚

  3. You guys are awesome. Great video!

    But I’ve never seen a TV remote that looked like that?

    • maryanne,

      It was part of the “X10 Firecracker” starter set, which I received for “free” in 1999 for $5.90 shipping and handling.

      It’s actually kind of cool. It sends signals along the existing wiring in your house to control lamps and other small appliances. There is also a DB9 serial adapter so you can send the same signals as the remote through a PC. It also let you dim lamps which were not normally dimmable. The other downside was that it only worked on a single electrical circuit, so it was good for a few outlets in a room or most of a small apartment.

      Being as dorky as I am, I used this setup to give Val, who had already graduated, a way to turn a lamp on and off in my room at school whenever she wanted to talk.

      Now, in just 11 years, most PCs do not come with a DB9 serial port (even though the hardware is on the motherboard!) and many lamps use CLFs which are typically not dimmable. Even though it is far less useful than it was back then, it still makes a pretty good “awesome remote”.


  4. Oh yes, everything is better with BACON!!!

  5. Dear Valerie,

    I should have pressed the bacon button a few more times. What would happen if I pressed the bacon button and the present button at the same time?


  6. Bacon! LOL!

  7. @Mark: Believe it or not, our X10 system works pretty well in 2010 – our whole house is fully equipped with it, and the computer diligently turns on and off the “lighting schemes” when we are not home. I do shudder to think whether I will find a normal switch if my dorky husband is away and for whatever reason X10 decides to rebel against me.

    • Natalie, something tells me that if our husbands ever met IRL the universe would implode from geekiness overload. LOL Great to hear the X10 still works!! πŸ™‚

    • Natalie,

      If you have enough control modules, it works fine. You can still find PCs with serial ports. Have you tried using the serial port adapter with a USB-to-serial cable?

      If you use CFLs, you can’t use the dim feature. Sure, it still works, but it’s not as easy as it once was!

  8. that IS awesome. thanks for sharing.

  9. How fantastic!!! i love it! Bacon at the flick of a switch!!

  10. I just read Mark’s details about that remote. I have never heard of such a thing! I am not very tech savvy though, not at all!

    I love the video. Too cute.

    Some day you will have to do a video or some sort of montage of all of your bacon posts.

    I would really like that money button on my remote!

  11. i love the fun things that go on in your house! :o)

  12. ohoh strawberry cheese cake button rofl

  13. I love that you all got in on the act! I think the only button my daughter would need is the bacon button — she’s like the dog on the beggin strips comercial.

  14. LOVE it!! I’d make my own but my kids would be CONSTANTLY pressing the bacon and present buttons and I’d go broke, lol! Your girls are truly lucky to have such fun parents who do cool stuff like this!

  15. “You’re ruining the bacon”

    Seriously, love the bacon button.

  16. I tried the mute button on our controls but it did not work. In fact it seem to trigger the volume button instead, as my daughter just got louder. I’m going to check no one has switched the buttons. Daren’t try the off button until I know what is going on.

    Love the video.

  17. yum bacon! Love the remote.. this looks like something my husband would have laying around as well!

  18. I want one of those for real!

  19. I absolutely adore this idea! What fun!!! Would be great during No TV week for so many families! what fun!

  20. LOL that is awesome!

  21. A HA!!! tooo funny Luv the $$$$ scene too cute

  22. The video is too cute! Uh, or awesome! πŸ™‚


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