Friendship Necklace Kits

These friendship necklace kits make fun (and frugal) party favors that the kids can make with very little grown-up help! I’ve included a printable template for the bag toppers sized for standard zip lock sandwich bags as a nice finishing touch, which has space on the back for “To:” and “From”.

Emily really enjoyed this process from start to finish! I dumped a bunch of pasta (about 2 boxes) into a large mixing bowl, and she spooned it out into several large zip lock baggies, one for each color she wanted to make.

Next, I added a few drops of food coloring and about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to each bag. I sealed up the bags and let Emily work the dye into the pasta until it was brightly colored!

We dumped the colored pasta out onto some paper towel lined plates to air-dry, and while it was drying off, Emily got to practice some measuring skills! She cut pieces of string to be 30 inches long each, and tied knots on one end.

Once the pasta was completely dry, Emily was SO happy to start spooning it into zip lock sandwich bags to give to friends!!

Two boxes of pasta made enough “beads” for several friendship necklace kits (about 15 or so), and the colors are sure to brighten anyone’s day!

I added the string, printed out the bag toppers, and stapled them to the tops of the bags — quick, easy, and fun!!

I’ll be on tomorrow’s 10! Show to demonstrate some other easy and frugal party favors that kids can make — you won’t want to miss it!

Have fun!!


  1. Very cute idea!

  2. Very cool. She looks so happy making them too.

  3. I bet the recipients will be very happy.

  4. This is a great idea for my daughter to give out as valentines! Thanks:)

  5. A great party-favor idea. I’ll be saving that for M’s birthday in March!

  6. Great idea! I love favors/gifts that are consumable vs just little junk just because it was the cheapest thing @ the party store!

  7. Another great idea to file away! Happy New Year!

  8. Those are cute!

  9. LOVE this, love it love it

  10. great idea! might make this for valentine’s for the Pea’s preschool buddies!

  11. this is really nice, valerie! really admire your creativity! πŸ™‚

    happy new year from your hong kong fans!

  12. Anna loved the pasta kit that was in our giveaway package. Eventually we might make some of our own too.

    • How fun! I love that you can pick exactly what colors you want, and what shape pasta you want to use too. Enjoy!! xoxo

  13. What an awesome idea and a great gift for their special friends.

  14. That would be a huge hit here too! Straws cut up also make great beads.

  15. As we have a party coming up, thank you! We’re doing it!

  16. OK, now I am craving Mac ‘n Cheese…

  17. ‘Lil Emily is one lucky and happy girl!!!

  18. cute idea to use those as party favors!

    • Thanks, Jenny! I love that it was something simple that Emily could put together (mostly) on her own. Have fun!

  19. the timing could not be better! after i was done checking in with my fav blogs, i was planning to look for party ideas! ours will be a princess party ~ pink and purple necklaces??? PERFECT

  20. Tiffany Antonius says

    Those kits are superb, now anyone can make a personalized friendship necklace to share with your best friend.

    Superb for kids.

    Tiffany @ Prayer Necklaces

  21. Love this idea. Was trying to come up with ideas for DD’s birthday. This one is so fun!

  22. Hi Valerie,

    I am trying to make bag toppers for a bake sale my church is having this week end but I am having no luck, could you please help

    • Hi Maiwenn,

      What is the issue you are having? Are they not printing out for you?


      • they are printing great with the friendship necklace wording I would like to change the wording on them but I can’t seem to be able to do that…

        • Wish I could be of more help, Maiwenn, but you would need another template for that. This one is not editable. Good luck w/the bake sale!!


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