Toys vs Laundry Basket

The girls wanted to go visit with Grandma this afternoon, but thought it would be more fun to travel by boat instead of the 5 hour car trip. Who am I to stop them??

…and really, who needs toys when you have a laundry basket??


  1. Dear Valerie,

    It’s great to know that the laundry basket can be transformed into both a hot air balloon and a boat… but can it be transformed into a device for carrying actual laundry? Because, really, that would be AWESOME. 😀


  2. I agree a boat ride would be much more relaxing.

  3. Love this Valerie! You are so much fun!

  4. you have the best imagination!

  5. Love it… goes to prove that kids do not need a lot or expensive toys. Imagination is the best toy of all.

  6. I completely agree! Laundry baskets are amazing – they were amazing when I was a kid and they’re amazing for my kids today. 🙂 Cute post.

  7. I agree – who needs toys when you have laundry baskets or an old box:)

  8. How adorable! What creativity!

  9. Dear Mark,
    With the money Valerie saves on buying actual hot air balloons and boats, you can afford to send your laundry out or just buy new clothes.

    Valerie: My kids love laundry baskets too. Especially they love dumping out the clean folded clothes and turning them into caves. I’m thinking of using the toy box to keep clothes in.

  10. Laundry baskets & boxes really do make the BEST toys, don’t they? I remember sliding down our carpeted stairs in a laundry basket when I was a kid (and our parents weren’t home!)

  11. All three of my kids loved to dump the toys we stored OUT of the laundry basket so they could go IN it and play.

    Adorable photos!

  12. That’s just genius.

  13. What a lovely post! Our laundry basket was in use as well a couple of days ago.. just before we got a real pirate ship 🙂