Printable Play Space

I made up some cute play spaces from a sheet of card stock paper, and our peg dolls have made themselves right at home. The girls are having a great time with these, and I love how something as simple as a sheet of paper can make their faces light up!!

There were lots of smiles, and LOTS of great imaginative play with these! In mind were these play spaces available at Amazon, but it’s more frugal (and a lot more FUN!) to make your own!! These were a great way to brighten up an otherwise rainy afternoon.

Emily thought the best part was getting to decorate her play space however she wanted. I love that these houses lay completely flat, so they take up hardly any space at all!

I thought you may want to make one (or many) of these play spaces for yourself too! One sheet of card stock paper is enough to make each play space house, and you can print out the template here.

Have fun!!

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  1. Dear Valerie,

    It looks like those houses are missing the exterior walls. Are you sure that they are built to code?

    Well, I suppose that it would make playing “Three Little Pigs” more entertaining!


  2. I like toys like this, that can be played with, and then dismantled, and recycled when they get old – nice!

  3. Very cool, as your projects always are.

    I’m also a little jealous of your rainy day. It’s mighty hot and dry here in Texas. 😉

  4. Makes me want some girls! lol- I could even make them some “fire houses” or “cowboy cabins” and then they’d go for it!

  5. Thanks for the printable – these play spaces look so bright and inviting.

  6. I need to buy some nice and bright card stock.

  7. Perfect – I love the simplicity!

  8. oh, awesome! Thanks!

  9. Thank you! They are great.

  10. Love it! New to your site and it looks so fun.


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