Tween Craft – Box Lid Mazes

These box lid mazes are an awesome craft for tweens to make using some common craft materials! My kids enjoyed making these mazes, and playing with them was great for developing hand-eye coordination. I happened to have several shoe box lids on-hand, but any box lid would work well for this project. The best part is that these box lid mazes take only a few minutes to make and the kids will get to the playing part quickly — perfect for when you need a quick but satisfying tween craft project!

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To make a box lid maze of your own, you will need:

  • A Box Lid — almost any size or shape will work nicely.
  • Wax Sticks
  • A Small Round Bead
  • A Pencil

We started by using the pencil to lightly draw out the design for our mazes inside the box lid. If you would like, you could use the pencil to add the words “Start” and “Finish” to your maze as well.

Next, we separated the wax sticks and pressed them on top of the pencil lines. Once pressed down, the wax sticks should attach to the inside of the box lid without the need for glue. However, they can be removed easily if you happen to make a mistake, or if you wish to re-create a different maze design all over again!

Tip — If a wax stick needs to be shortened, they can easily be cut with a plastic knife.

Add the bead to the start of the maze, and try maneuvering the box lid to get the bead to the finish. Try timing yourself to see if you can set a new record, or have a maze race tournament with a friend!

I love this video from the Genius of Play that outlines just some of the developmental benefits to playing with clay:

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