Winter Craft for Kids — Snowflake Trivets

The kids are always looking for pretty gifts they can make for family or friends, and these hand-painted trivets are perfect (and useful) gifts. They are simple to make, and even the littlest artists can have fun with this easy project!! This is such a fun Winter craft for kids!

Winter Craft for Kids -- Snowflake TrivetsTo make your own snowflake trivets, you will need: a plain cork trivet (ours came from IKEA in a pack of 3), masking tape, paint brush, and acrylic paint. Start by making a simple snowflake with the masking tape, then invite your child over for some painting fun!

Winter Craft for Kids -- Snowflake Trivets

Allow the paint to dry completely, then carefully remove the masking tape. Outline with a permanent marker, if desired. The kids could also repeat the same process to the other side of the trivet!

Winter Craft for Kids -- Snowflake Trivets

The kids were so proud of how their snowflake trivets turned out, and since they absolutely love to paint, this project was a big hit with them!! We kept one to use in our kitchen, and the other two are great for grandparent gifts!

Have fun!!


  1. Alissa Nicol says

    What happens when the acrylic paint on these gets hot when a dish from the oven is set upon them? We have this set of trivets from IKEA, and I’d like to do this activity if you can assure me that you’ve tried yours out already without paint sticking to your casserole dish!


    • Hi Alissa,

      I’ve used ours several times and haven’t had paint come off of them. However, if you are concerned, try placing a paper towel or napkin over top of the trivet before placing a hot casserole dish on top. Alternatively, these could be used as mini bulletin boards instead! Hope this helps!