Chalk and Glue Art Project for Kids

Here is an easy chalk and glue art project to try with the kids! While working on this project, kids can further develop fine motor skills and learn some elements of basic color theory. This chalk and glue art project has become one of our favorite go-to activities because there are so many design options to explore! Some of our favorite drawings that use this technique are florals, landscapes, portraits, and even abstract designs. Below, you will find step by step instructions for how to do this fun chalk and glue art project!

Chalk and Glue Art Project for Kids

For this Chalk and Glue Art Project, You Will Need:

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Chalk and Glue Art Project for Kids


To begin, invite your child to use a pencil to lightly draw the outline of the design. Any design with large coloring spaces will work well for this. We chose to draw robots and spaceships, but large floral designs would also be lovely. Abstract or geometric designs are other options to try!

Chalk and Glue Art Project for Kids

Next, outline use the clear glue to carefully outline the design. Wherever there is glue, the color of the paper will remain on the final project.

Tip – When applying the outline with glue, make sure the tip of the glue bottle is touching the paper and apply light pressure on the bottle.

Applying the glue outline carefully can be great practice for developing fine motor skills.

Chalk and Glue Art Project for Kids

Allow the glue to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Chalk and Glue Art Project for Kids

Once the glue is completely dry, use chalk pastels to begin filling in the spaces. At this point in the project, you can introduce some elements of color theory to develop shading and highlighting. After the chalk is applied, use a cotton swab to blend the colors evenly on the paper. If time allows, you may want to encourage your child to color and blend the entire paper.

Lastly, if desired, apply a light coat of clear finishing spray to avoid smudging your beautiful artwork. Be sure to display your artwork proudly in your home, or maybe give it to someone special!

Our Finished Chalk and Glue Art Project:

Chalk and Glue Art Project for Kids

Chalk and Glue Art Project for Kids

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