What to Do with Toddlers on a Snow Day

For many busy parents, keeping little kids entertained while indoors during a snow day can be a challenge. Here are some of our favorite activities that are quick and EASY to set up, while making lots of special Winter memories you and your kids are sure to treasure!

What to Do with Toddlers on a Snow Day

What to Do with Toddlers on a Snow Day

1. Bath Time Fun

Nothing calms a rowdy kid down like a nice long bath. Whip up a batch of homemade bath tub paint, add a few bath toys, and watch them splash around. If a full bath isn’t possible, try filling up a sink with warm  soapy water for scooping bubbles, or washing toy cars.


2. Make Snow Ice Cream

For a fun time this Winter, this snow ice cream recipe is so simple to do, and the kids will remember this treat for a long time!

3. Living Room Dance Party

Crank up some of your favorite tunes and get the wiggles out! Try playing a few rounds of freeze dance!


4. Indoor Picnic

Make lunch or snack time even more special with an indoor picnic! This post has a great list of indoor picnic-friendly foods to try.

5. Sensory Bins

Even now that my kids are 5 and 9 years old, they still enjoy playing with sensory bins and can be happily occupied with them for hours! I love that they are so simple to set up, and there are so many possibilities. For inspiring ideas to get started, click here to check out our Sensory Bins Pinterest Board!

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  1. Great ideas for indoor snow day play. You could alternate those indoor play ideas with outdoor play ideas. I have a list of great outdoor play ideas for when its snowing.


  2. Indoor picnics are the best! My daughter likes them even better in a homemade fort! 🙂