How to Play with Stuffed Animals

Do your kids own lots of stuffed animals? Wish your kids would play with their stuffed animals instead of letting them collect dust on the shelf? Looking for something fun to do on a rainy day??

For a fun time, create a disguise kit for pretend stuffed animal “spies”! You’ll want to change their appearance so their true identities will never be discovered, otherwise their top secret missions could be compromised. *gasp*

Create disguises for stuffed animal "spies".

Here are some ideas to create disguises for your stuffed animal “spies” that are quick and easy to make:

1. Mustaches:

Cut mustaches from black felt. Attach to your stuffed animal spy with a “donut” of masking tape, if needed.

2. Glasses:

Nothing changes your appearance more than a good pair of glasses, just ask Clark Kent. Bend pipe cleaners into shape to form the glasses, and slip them onto your stuffed animal spy.

3. Wigs:

Another big appearance change can be made with a wig. Cut strands of yarn or thin party streamers, then tie them together in the middle. Attach with masking tape.

4. Super Hero Cape:

Cut out from a piece of craft felt. Attach felt letter stickers, if desired.

Create a super hero cape for stuffed animals.

Super Lemur is off to save the day!!

Create a super hero cape for stuffed animals.

Warning: Dressing up your stuffed animals can become addictive, and lead to hours of creative playtime fun.

Create disguises for stuffed animal "spies".

Have fun!!



  1. Love it! Specially the wigs, they are great!

  2. Sharing this with my 9 year old. She loves to make clothes out of paper for her stuffed toys. But her very favourite thing to do with them is make “plaster casts” for their limbs out of wet toilet paper. We had a cull of her overflowing trug the other day and there was barely one that wasn’t in “plaster”!