15 Netflix Streaming Downloads for Kids 8-12

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Netflix Streaming announced a new download feature, and it is the holiday gift we have all been eagerly anticipating! With Netflix Streaming downloads, you can quickly and easily add your favorite movies or shows onto your device when an internet connection is available. Then watch them at a later time — even without internet connectivity! It’s perfect for traveling or anytime your internet connection may be spotty (or expensive). Scroll down for our favorite Netflix streaming downloads that are currently available for kids ages 8-12 and more information on how to use this great feature!

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15 Netflix Streaming Downloads for Kids 8-12

How to Download Netflix Streaming Movies and Shows:

Some of your favorite Netflix movies and shows are available for downloading onto your tablet or mobile device using the latest Netflix App. Choose the movie or show you would like to download, and if the download option is available, you will see a downward arrow on the screen. (See screenshot below)

15 Netflix Streaming Downloads for Kids 8-12

Click the download arrow to begin downloading to your tablet or mobile device. A blue progress bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click it to begin watching your downloaded shows or movies.

15 Netflix Streaming Downloads for Kids 8-12

You can also access the downloads under the main menu tab under “My Downloads”.

15 Netflix Streaming Downloads for Kids 8-12

To remove the title, swipe left and the red delete “X” will appear.

15 Netflix Streaming Downloads for Kids 8-12

Favorite Netflix Streaming downloads for Kids Ages 8-12:

  1. The Lion in Your Living Room (TV-G) 50min
  2. A Dog’s Life (TV-PG) 44min
  3. The Secret of Kells – (TV-PG) 1hr 15 min
  4. Minions (PG) 1hr 30min
  5. Home (PG) 1hr 34min
  6. Chicken Run (G) 1hr 24min
  7. Hoodwinked (PG) 1hr 20min
  8. Penguins of Madagascar The Movie (PG) 1hr 32min
  9. The Angry Birds Movie (PG) 1hr 37min
  10. The Jungle Book (PG) 1hr 46min
  11. Kung Fu Panda 3 (PG) 1hr 34min
  12. Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG) 1hr 29min
  13. Yo-Kai Watch The Movie (TV-Y7) 1hr 35min
  14. Paddington (PG) 1hr 35min
  15. Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (PG) 1 hr 32min

Have fun exploring the “Available for Download” menu. Netflix plans to add more titles!


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