50 Fun Things To Do With Your First Grader At Home

Parenting during the coronavirus pandemic is difficult, especially if you are under home quarantine. Many of you have reached out asking for ideas on things to do with your first grader at home. Here are our favorite resources for creative stay-at-home activities, and lots of learning fun too! We use common household items you probably already have on-hand, so no need to go out for supplies.

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50 Fun Things To Do With Your First Grader At Home

Here Are 50 Fun Things To Do With Your First Grader At Home:

  1. Make a batch of homemade scented play-dough.
  2. Craft up photo puppets and put on a show!
  3. Make a bird feeder from recyclables.
  4. Go on a top-secret writing mission. Get your printable activity cards here.
  5. Make your own trail mix from leftover bits of cereal and pantry items.
  6. Craft up a rainbow from a paper plate.
  7. Build your own town with masking tape roads and blocks for buildings.
  8. Open a Pretend Poem Shop and mail your finished poems to family and friends.
  9. Plan a blind date with a book!
  10. Make paper airplanes and see which one will fly the furthest.
  11. Start a garden journal together. Free printable here.
  12. Color your own bookmarks.
  13. Play this printable alien matching game.
  14. Read the Book. Watch the Movie on Netflix.
  15. Write a thank you card to mail to a friend or family member.
  16. Cardboard cookie shop.
  17. Sidewalk art show.
  18. Craft up some tissue paper flowers.
  19. Make an owl family playset from empty cardboard rolls.
  20. Try a God’s eye craft!
  21. Do a science experiment with water.
  22. Have some ocean-themed fun at home.
  23. Practice a fire drill together. Here are fire safety printables, lesson plans, and more.
  24. Paint some kindness rocks.
  25. Make some fairy doors.
  26. Craft up a stained “glass” sculpture!
  27. Read a Dr. Seuss book and make a themed special snack together.
  28. Build a pillow fort. Add a string of Christmas lights.
  29. Take turns drawing a picture together.
  30. Create a village of paper bag houses.
  31. Make some modern art!
  32. Bake a sweet treat together.
  33. Call a faraway family member to chat.
  34. Draw on the windows with dry-erase markers.
  35. Play a round of carpet golf.
  36. Make a target range for marshmallow shooters.
  37. Design a wall mural with colored sticky notes.
  38. Play a game of charades.
  39. Make bread from scratch.
  40. Craft up some hearts out of paper and display them in your windows.
  41. Listen to an audiobook together.
  42. Make a collage with old magazines.
  43. Have an indoor picnic.
  44. Paint a picture to mail to a faraway friend.
  45. Video chat with friends or grandparents.
  46. Play a game of hide and seek!
  47. Make a batch of fluffy snow slime.
  48. Build an arena for RC cars!
  49. Make some watercolor resist paintings.
  50. Craft up some sparkly garden ornaments from old CDs.

Other Resources for First Graders at Home:

Do you have a favorite resource or activity for first graders to add to this list? If so, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!