How to Make an RC Bumper Car Arena

This RC bumper car arena is quick to set up, and can provide hours of playtime fun in your own backyard! This project is a great way to reuse those old pool noodles you may have in storage. Making your own RC bumper car arena is a fun outdoor project for teens or tweens to try!

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How to Make an RC Bumper Car Arena

First, gather your materials.

To make an RC Bumper Car Arena, you will need:

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How to Make an RC Bumper Car Arena - Materials Needed

Next, place the sheets of foam board side by side and use the black masking tape to create a seam down the middle. Flip the boards over and repeat with a seam on the other side.

After the boards are joined together, use kitchen shears to cut 2 pool noodles to the length of the arena. Carefully poke the bamboo stakes through the pool noodles, the foam board, and into the ground along the edges of the foam board to secure into place. Next, use the kitchen shears to cut 2 more pool noodles for the remaining perimeter of the arena. Secure these last two sides with bamboo stakes as needed.

Optional — decorate your RC bumper car arena with flags made of toothpicks and colored masking tape!

How to Make an RC Bumper Car Arena

Lastly, it’s time to face off and let the RC bumper car tournament begin! My kids do not have a lot of experience with RC cars, but the KidiRace RC Bumper Car set is simple to control. It works perfectly for beginners! The set is expandable by adding additional sets for up to six bumper cars. The rear engines with spinning propellers were a big hit with the kids!

How to Make an RC Bumper Car Arena - cars used

Here is a short video of our RC bumper car arena in action:

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