How to Make Giant Bubble Wands

These giant bubble wands are easy to make with just a few items you can find at your local hardware store. Older kids can help tie on the string, and younger kids can help measure out how much string to use. The kids may even enjoy decorating these giant bubble wands with paint, glitter glue, or decorative duct tape. This would be a great weekend project for families to do together!

Here’s a step by step video tutorial and handy supply list for how to make giant bubble wands!

How to Make Giant Bubble Wands -- so cool!!

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To make your own giant bubble wand, you will need:

In just a few minutes, the wands can be assembled and ready for an afternoon (or entire season) of bubble making fun!

Here is a quick video tutorial with step by step instructions on how to make giant bubble wands:

A few years ago, I asked my kids to list some of their all-time favorite activities for Summer, and these giant bubble wands are always at the top of the list. I love how just a few inexpensive items from the local hardware store and some homemade bubble solution can keep them happily entertained for long periods of time. Lots of smiles and plenty of happy childhood memories in the making!

Tip — Wear play clothes in case things get messy, and be sure to review proper bubble making etiquette and safety (don’t swing the wands or make bubbles near someone’s face).

Have fun!!

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  1. OOoooh, I’ve GOT to make these! I’m not sure I’ll even let my kiddos have a turn!!! 😀

    • Valerie says

      Ha! I wouldn’t blame you, Michelle! I always want a bubble wand of my own!! 😉 FUN!

  2. My children love to blow giant bubbles. It turns out there’s a lot of science behind the making of these things. They first learned about them at their birthday party last year and they’ve been fascinated by science (and bubbles especially) ever since!

    • Valerie says

      Wonderful, Matthew! Such a fun way to introduce lots of Science concepts to kids in a way they can see. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I played with these in my childhood, but had completely forgotten, so thank you for posting this. Couldn’t wait to get to a shop to buy supplies, so we made a quick, smaller version, with drinking straws, a spare washer, and some wool. So much fun. We managed to make a football sized bubble that drifted right up and over the house next door, even my husband was impressed! Can’t wait to make some full-sized ones.

    • That sounds like so much fun, Lucy! I love how you improved with materials you already had on-hand!! So cool! 🙂


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