5 Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Words

These fun ways to practice spelling words make studying something my second grader looks forward to every week! These ideas are all super quick and easy to set up. Many times I set things up as an invitation to study on our kitchen table for when the kids come home from school. Not only are they getting some study practice in, but these activities are also the perfect transition to get the kids ready to do homework. Many of these activities are also perfect for practicing letter identification, phonics, handwriting, and fine-motor skills. Studying spelling words doesn’t have to be boring!

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Here are some of our favorite fun ways to practice spelling words:

5 Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Words -- love these ideas!

1. Popcorn Spelling

For this activity, you will need each spelling word written on a slip of white and/or yellow paper. Crumple each slip into balls for form the popcorn kernels, and place them into a popcorn bag. Invite your child to pick a piece of popcorn, open it up, say the word, and write it on a ticket so the word can go to the movies!

2. Spring Spelling Activity

Write words on a large sheet of butcher’s paper, then write each word onto a flower cut out. Invite your child to match up the word, say the word, then write it down on a wipe off board.

3. Build It – Write It

We love our See & Spell puzzle set from Melissa & Doug! Use the set to build each word, then say it, and write it down on a wipe off board. I love how this is a self-correcting activity! Many times I will leave this out on the table for the kids to play and explore throughout the day.

5 Ways to Make Spelling Practice Fun

4. Be the Teacher

Have your child give someone else in your home a spelling test. Make sure each test is carefully graded by your child for any mistakes! Hint — have your child use a red pen for grading. Related — Make a cardboard classroom.

5. Connect the Dots

On a sheet of paper, use dots to write each spelling word twice. Invite your child to trace each word with their favorite color crayon.

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