Cardboard Classroom

Do your teddy bears need to be educated? Do you want to send them to the best school around?? Then it’s time to enroll them into Miss Clara’s cardboard classroom!

Miss Clara grades her papers promptly — with lots of colorful stamps (a yard sale find)!

Her classroom is so neat and organized! With lovely cardboard shelving, dollar store goodies, and the best teddy bear teaching aids.

Her geography class is both thorough and inspiring!

Your teddy bear will experience the very best educational programs by learning letters, numbers, and so much more!

Space is limited — and early registration is highly recommended.

These teddy bears will be on the fast track to college in no time!

Tip — We re-purposed many of the same elements of our cardboard cafe to put together this pretend classroom set up. You can see that post here.


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Unfortunately, those bears will have severely outdated geographical knowledge if they are using THAT globe. It still has Czechoslovakia on it!


  2. Too cute! I have tons of cardboard— a house just collapsed we need to repurpose ti!

  3. Could Clara please come over and teach my kiddos next week? I need a break… ;0)

  4. LOL on Mark’s comment. They will still be ahead of many American children who wouldn’t know where that might be.

  5. Hello! I do not remember quite how I came upon your Blog, but I am so glad I did. My own Blog is named Granny’s Parlour. It is about homesteading, sustainability and yes, by definition I think, living a frugal life. Many of our readers value creative, common-sense living and your extensive library of suggestions for children will be a wonderful resource for them. I just know it. Every Saturday, I publish The Weekend Highlights, where I present four Blogs of notice from my weekly Blog browsing. My readers are about to discover yours! Thanks for this wonderful, playful resource.

  6. Joe Mama's Papa says

    Me thinks I would have done better in school if Miss Clara had been my teacher.

  7. What a wonderful little schoolhouse, with such a talented teacher! =)

  8. Save a spot for us next to Teddy!

  9. Mark, Clara is teaching history as well as geography. 2 for 1! She is way ahead of the rest of us 🙂

  10. I love the cardboard classroom! I was trying to think of a way to make a store for my boys and I didn’t want to take up any of their shelving or buy new shelves. I think the same idea would work for a store too!
    Ps. Miss Clara, I started grading papers in my “school” when I was about your age. After a few years of teaching, I mentioned to my mom that I was burned out. She reminded me, you’ve been grading papers since you were about 7 or 8!!

  11. Your daughter is adorable teaching her bears.

  12. AWESOME as usual – I so wish I could come play at your house! Your genius with cardboard always amazes me! 🙂


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