Easy Village Mural

Emily and I felt inspired by the beautiful colors of these fun Post-It Notes to create a new mural for our sewing room. Oh, Post-It Notes…….. how I love thee!

She cut some of the Post-Its in half to form triangles for the rooftops. For each square, only one triangle had adhesive, so we saved the other triangle for another project (because we’re super-frugal like that.)!

She even added some windows and doors to our little village mural. It made the room look so much more cheerful!!

I love how she likes to add her own little decorating touches to our sewing room!

She made up a bunch of houses, and it kept her happily occupied for a long time! Plus, there was very little clean-up afterwards…. quick and easy!

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I have a project for you today! Count how many post-it notes are stuck to the walls of the sewing room. I expect the number to be greater than 100!

    Now, picture all of the people in the world without any colorful place to write their notes and subsequently stick them to a variety of surfaces! πŸ˜‰


  2. Very cute. I bet your sewing room is a very happy place.

  3. man! You have the best frugal activities. I have done a few of them with my grand daughter (who lives with me).

    I very much look forward to reading and see what you have EVERYDAY!!!!!

  4. you do so much with post its! I love it!

  5. I always enjoy your post-it note activities! Emily did a great job with this one, and it does look beautifully cheerful!

  6. How fun, I love it! Hey – got any fun ideas for toilet paper tubes? We’ve been collecting those and just waiting for the right inspiration to come along. :o)

  7. That is cute!

  8. I wonder what project you will do with the rest of the triangles πŸ™‚ The houses look ready to move into and so cheerful!

  9. Hi Valerie, wanted to let you know I linked to your Photo Name Label post. Thanks for a great idea!

  10. I have to ask – are they the Super Sticky post-its that were free at Walmart with the $1 coupon from the paper? Now I know what to do w/my little stash of them. They’re great colors.

    • I’m pretty sure I got these ones at Target awhile back, but the ones from Wal Mart would work really well for this!!! ((Even better if they’re free after the coupon!)) Have fun!! πŸ™‚

  11. What Paper Doll wouldn’t want to live in a beach front Post-It condominium…lovely!

  12. Very cute!

  13. I love how creative your girls are…I wonder where they get if from??

  14. oo this turned out super cute!!

  15. You and your post-it-notes. You come up with much cuter ideas than Target lists.

  16. I have to quickly hid this post from my daughter! She is the post-it QUEEN! One of her “treats” is post it notes. We even made a cute little post-it holder for her. This is very festive though… might be tempted…. πŸ˜‰