Read the Book. Watch the Movie on Netflix Streaming!

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The Winter months can mean lots of time spent indoors when kids are home from school due to inclement weather. Did you know that many of your kids’ favorite books are available to watch instantly on Netflix Steaming? This is a great excuse to spend the day cuddling up reading a great book, then watching the movie together in the evening for a book-themed family movie night!

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Read the Book. Watch the Movie on Netflix Streaming!

Here are some of our favorite books that are also available to watch on Netflix Streaming:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (ages 8-12)
Read the Book | Watch on Netflix

This book was required reading for my daughter’s 5th grade class, and she loved reading it! Afterwards, her class watched the original movie and the more recent remake. They compared the book to both versions of the movie and completed lots of other projects too.

Stellaluna (ages 4-7)
Read the Book | Watch on Netflix

An adorable picture book about a bat that loses her mother and ends up in a bird’s nest where she is raised by birds.

The Gruffalo (ages 3-7)
Read the Book | Watch on Netflix

One of my 7 years olds favorite picture books about a very clever mouse who makes up a creature called a Gruffalo to avoid being eaten by a fox, an owl, and a snake.

James and the Giant Peach (ages 8-12)
Read the Book | Watch on Netflix

One of my personal favorite books when I was a kid, and now both of my kids enjoy this book and movie too!

Winnie the Pooh
Read the Book (ages 8-12) | Watch on Netflix (ages 4-7)

So many life lessons to learn and explore in the series of stories from Winnie the Pooh!

Charlotte’s Web (ages 8-12)
Read the Book | Watch on Netflix

A classic tale about friendship, confidence, and life and death drama.

The Boxcar Children (ages 7-12)
Read the Book Series | Watch on Netflix

 Emily absolutely loved this series of books and has read almost all of them. A very easy chapter book series for beginners about the adventures of 4 orphaned children who live in the woods.

The Secret of Kells (ages 8-12)
Read the Book | Watch on Netflix

A 12 year old Irish boy working to fortify his village to keep Vikings out while secretly working as an apprentice on the Book and going out on several adventures. The animation is stunning. One of our family’s favorite movies!

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