Make Family Movie Night Fun – 5 Ideas

Looking for some inspiring ways to make family movie night fun and extra special? Below you will find ideas for enjoying movie night with your family without leaving your home! A big thank you to our friends at Netflix for sponsoring today’s creative ideas for family fun. Netflix streaming makes it easy and affordable to enjoy a great family movie night right from your own living room!

Here are some of our favorite ways to make family movie night fun:

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familymovienightfun1a1. Make Popcorn

According to my kids, making popcorn is pretty much a mandatory requirement for movie night. To make popcorn extra special, try serving it up in these adorable popcorn bags!

2. Make a Sign

A sheet of a paper or a chalkboard announcing what is “Now Showing” and at what time is a great finishing touch!

3. Pretend Ticket Booth

A small table set up with paper tickets, play money, and a calculator or play cash register is all you need. Added bonus — Sneak in a little learning about counting money or giving proper change!

4. Invite Friends

For a more authentic movie-going experience, why not invite a few friends over to join in the fun? Have each guest bring their favorite blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal friend.

5. Select a Family Friendly Movie

Choose a movie the entire family will enjoy, or take turns selecting the flick so everyone has a chance to pick a favorite to watch together.

Some of our personal favorites for family movie night are:

More Ideas for Family Movie Night Fun:

Bonus — All of the movies listed above are currently available on Netflix Streaming, making at-home family movie night easier than ever!

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