Top Secret Spy Writing Mission Activity Cards

These top secret spy writing activities for kids are a great way to sneak in a little writing practice! My kids enjoyed creating their own poems in invisible ink, writing coded messages to friends, coming up with lists of their top must-have spy gadgets, and more! Be sure to scroll down to get your free printable top secret spy writing mission activity cards.

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Top Secret Spy Writing Mission Activity Cards

Top Secret Spy Writing Activities:

  1. Use invisible ink to write a haiku poem.
  2. Use a secret code to write a letter to a friend.
  3. Think of a great disguise. write a vivid description of it.
  4. Type up 5-7 clues for a scavenger hunt. Use limericks.
  5. Write a classified ad for your services as a private investigator.
  6. Write a wishlist for your top five must-have spy gadgets and a brief description of each.
  7. Write a list of the various rooms inside your secret hideout.
  8. Write a list of necessary items for a “bug out” bag.

Get Your Free Top Secret Spy Writing Activity Cards

Top Secret Spy Writing Mission Activity Cards

These cards make it easy to do fun writing activities with the kids! Just download, print onto card stock paper, cut out, and play!

Download Your Free Printable Activity Cards Here

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