Cardboard Crafts — Pretend Cookie Shop

On hot Summer days one of the last things I want to do is turn on the oven to bake cookies. Fortunately, simple cardboard crafts are a great alternative to baking! These pretend cardboard cookies are decorated with pretend icing that is light and fluffy and pretend sprinkles too! These cardboard cookies are all the fun of baking without the sugar high, and they foster lots of creative play fun too. The best part is, we used common craft supplies you probably already have on-hand!

Cardboard Cookie Shop!

To make your own cardboard cookies, you will need:

How We Did It:

To create paper “sprinkles”, I cut long thin strips of construction paper. Then, I invited the kids to use the safety scissors to cut the strips into tiny pieces and gather the bits up into a small paper cup.

In another small paper cup, I mixed up equal parts shaving cream and glue to create our own puffy paint “icing”. For a colored version, I added a few drops of tempera paint – in this case, a drop of red paint to create pink “icing”.

Next, the kids enjoyed using a craft stick to spread the puffy paint on top of the cardboard! While the paint was still wet, they sprinkled the bits of paper on top.

We let the “cookies” dry overnight, then set up a pretend cookie shop for an afternoon of imaginative playtime fun! I managed to sneak some Math practice with counting out change and adding up totals. Yay for crafty fun that is educational!


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Have fun!

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