Garden Journal Planner Pages – Printable

These printable garden journal planner pages can be a great resource for planting this Spring and Summer! You’ll find template .pdf files for the journal cover, catalog wishlist, seed starting, and even a page for photos and drawings. Put the pages together into a binder, and the kids can help keep records of your garden this year. Use what you learn to help plan for an even better garden next year!

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Garden Journal Planner Pages - journal cover, catalog wishlist, seed starter page, planning grid, photos & drawings.

Why Keep a Garden Journal

A garden journal can help you keep track of the weather conditions and dates when seeds were planted. You can also use the planning grid to map out where you would like to have the plants located. The catalog wishlist is great for pasting in clippings from seed catalogs. The photos and drawings page is perfect for keeping track of how well your plants have grown over the course of the season.

To put together your garden journal planner pages, you will need:

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Garden Journal Planner Pages - seed starting, planning grid, photos & drawings, catalog wishlist, journal cover.


To begin, download and print out the template .pdf files. As a starting point, you may want to print out 5 copies of each planner page. You can always print more copies as needed. Next, use the label maker to create five labels: Catalog Wishlist, Seed Starting, Planning Grid, Photos & Drawings, and Notes. Place each label on a tab divider.

Separate the templates and insert the dividers as needed. Use the 3 hole punch along the left side of each of the sheets of paper, and add the pages to the three ring binder. Add sheets of graph paper for the Notes section. Lastly, slide the journal cover sheet into the binder’s clear plastic cover.

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