Gardening with Kids

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Gardening with kids can foster a love of nature while they learn more about how food is grown. There are many opportunities for learning and problem solving. Plus, gardening can be a great way to spend quality family time outdoors together! Here are some of our favorite ideas for gardening with kids.

Gardening with Kids

Ideas for Gardening with Kids:

Try Kid-Sized Gardening Tools

A small potting shovel, rake, watering can, and gloves that are the right size for little hands will help encourage a love of gardening. These would be wonderful gifts for Easter or Spring birthdays.

Consider Square Foot Gardening

This is an alternative to planting in long rows which can run the risk of seedlings being accidentally trampled. Square foot gardening layouts with paths for walking will allow your garden helpers to reach and water plants more easily. Square foot gardening is also great for those who have limited gardening space.

Themed Gardens

Themed gardens can be an effective way to promote lots of imaginative playtime fun while kids learn more about how plants grow. Some ideas to try include growing flowers and fresh herbs in a fairy garden, or succulents in a dinosaur garden!

A Mini Garden Plot of Their Own

Let the kids plant whatever they would like here. If you don’t have the yard space available, a set of planters, potting soil, and seeds are all they will need to create a container garden of their very own.

Gardening with Kids

Kid-Friendly Vegetables to Grow

These vegetables grow quickly and easily — lettuce, radishes, peas, green beans, onions.

Keep a Garden Journal Together

Your garden journal can include graph paper with the design of your garden layout. Throughout the garden season, keep track of the date the seeds were planted. Every week, draw a sketch of the garden, or add a photo to the journal. Garden journals can be an excellent resource for next year’s garden planning!

Keep Up with Laundry Using Tide® Pods™ Plus Downy®

Digging in all that dirt can get messy, but you can keep your family’s clothes looking great with the help of Tide Pods! I love how effective they are for removing some of the toughest dirt and grass stains. It always seems like some of our family’s largest laundry loads are after we have spent the weekend in the garden. I love that I can run larger loads of laundry with 2 Tide® Pods™ Plus Downy® and everything still comes out fresh and clean!

Gardening with Kids

Here’s how they work:

  1. With dry hands, place a pac in the washing machine before adding clothes. For especially large or dirty loads, use 2 pacs.
  2. Select your wash cycle. Tide Pods dissolve in all temperatures. The pacs work with HE and standard washing machines.
  3. When not in use, keep pacs in their original container with the label intact. Keep out of reach of children. Always close container after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

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