Rainy Day Fun — Paper Bag Houses

This invitation to create paper bag houses is so much fun to explore, and super simple to set up! It’s a great after school activity, and perfect for when you need a bit of rainy day fun. My kids loved designing their paper bag houses to create a colorful village, then spent the rest of the afternoon designing roads for toy cars with masking tape! Plenty of imaginative playtime fun!

Rainy Day Fun -- Paper Bag Houses

To set up this cute craft for kids, we used:

Rainy Day Fun -- Paper Bag Houses

I started by filling each paper lunch bag about half way with crumpled up old newspaper. Then, I rolled up the top and stapled to hold in place. When the kids came home from school, I had the materials ready for them on the kitchen table. Each paper bag was placed on a cookie sheet to help contain any mess. I wish you could have seen their faces when they arrived home — such joy!!

Since we used masking tape and labels to create doors, windows, etc. this was a very low-mess craft! The kids were happy to decorate their houses without any glue or messy paint.

Rainy Day Fun -- Paper Bag Houses

To form the rooftops, I folded a sheet of colored paper in half and cut along the fold. Then folded each half in half once again. I used decorative scissors for a scalloped edge, and the kids thought their houses looked adorable!

Rainy Day Fun -- Paper Bag Houses

Later, they gathered their toy cars and made roads with masking tape to create their own little paper bag town. So much fun!!

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  1. These are awesome! What a fun thing to make with little ones! My boys and my nieces would LOVE this invitation to create! Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Hi Valerie
    Thank you so much for yet another absolutely fantastic idea. I know my kids from the toddler to the ten year old will have lots of fun with this. I really admire your creative ability and seemingly endless energy to manage kids, hubby and fab website. Really a frugal family fun idea :-).