Happy Birthday, Mark!

We are celebrating my husband’s birthday this weekend!! I knew it was coming up soon because a THREE pound package of bacon arrived at the house!! (Thanks, Aunt Julia!) I thought it would be fun to highlight some of Mark’s silly comments — here are a few of my favorites….. 5. Coffee Cozy — In […]

Fun with Googly Eyes

This was a super-easy and quick activity that Emily enjoyed, and all we used were some old magazines and a package of googly eyes!! We used self-adhesive googly eyes, which you can buy here from Amazon for some no-mess silly fun! Emily had a great time “enhancing” the photos in the magazines! Here are some […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing you and your loved ones a magical day from our family…. … to yours! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Love Bugs

The girls have been super-busy crafting for Valentine’s Day, and when Emily came home from school, I thought it would be fun to make some love bugs! I cut out lots of paper hearts, folding the paper several times so I could cut a bunch of them all at once — very quick! Then I […]

Dress Up Parade!

We had more snow today, but that didn’t stop the girls and me from having a fun parade! Do you have a magical dress up curtain at your house? They are great fun! Every time you pop out from behind the curtain — Poof! — you’re in another outfit! Here it is…. in action! Parade […]

Outtakes and Bloopers

A special collection of never-before-seen outtakes and bloopers from behind the scenes of Frugal Family Fun Blog…. Enjoy!! Look, Ma, I’m painting! Na-na-na- boo-boo!!!! Who knew potato prints could be so…… shocking?? Do I have to give Daddy a kiss??? Seriously, guys?? You call this “art”??? Amateurs! All of you!! Mark snapped this photo when […]

Wordless Wednesday

…. Valentine Smiles Edition!!

Top 10 Posts of 2010 — #8

We’re continuing with our countdown of the top 10 posts of 2010! Coming in at number 8…. Elevator Fun!! This happened to be one of my personal favorites because we had a blast playing with an egg carton stuck to the wall. So Simple, and so much fun! Enjoy! Wishing you and your family a […]

Cheap Thrills — Indoor Blizzard!

For a fun time, create your own magical indoor blizzard!! ((Snowflakes cut from coffee filters.)) We had lots of FUN playing in the mountains of snow (pillows with a white comforter on top), and it was a great way for Clara to burn off some extra energy! Let it snow, let it snow, let it […]

Wordless Wednesday

Here I come to save the day!!! My good friend Allison took this photo — good times! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

10 Frugal Ways to Fight Boredom

Being bored doesn’t have to be an excuse to go out shopping and spend a ton of money. Here are some fun ways to fight boredom that don’t cost a cent! Jump up and down on the bed!! Visit a local park! Take time to smell the flowers. Get all dressed up — just because! […]

Time-Saving Tip for Cleaning

Do you hate a messy sink full of dirty dishes? Of course. We all do! Ever wish you had an extra helping hand (or two)? Are you sick and tired of spending all your time doing housework?? Don’t despair, you’ll save lots of time with this simple and easy tip for cleaning! (Before) Just call […]

Ode to Mega Bloks

There are so many things to love about Mega Bloks — they appeal to kids of all ages, they’re perfect for quiet time, they don’t require batteries, and if you step on them in bare feet they don’t hurt nearly as much as the teeny tiny Legos. But in our humble opinion, the very best […]

Silly Straws

Thanks to the latest research from our exclusive laboratory, we have now scientifically proven…. ….that milk drunk from a homemade silly straw…… …..is (shockingly) 25% yummier!! To make your own super-silly straw, insert flexible straws one inside the other and wrap packaging tape around the parts where two straws overlap. When you’re done sippin’, make […]

Reason #3,542 Why Mark is Awesome

It’s fun to send Mark to the store for groceries…. ….He comes home with all the “essentials”! Wishing you and your family a fun and chocolate-filled weekend!!

Sunday Snapshot — Too much love??

Wishing you and your family a fun-filled weekend with lots of hugs and kisses!!

Indoor Leaf Pile!

Tired of rainy days?? For a good time, cut out leaves from several sheets of colored tissue paper — you can cut through several sheets at one time, so it goes quickly. Play in your indoor leaf pile!!!!! These leaves are great fun to toss around! It’s fun for grown-ups, and kids alike! Rake them […]

Introducing… Awesome Remote!

Need a little more awesomeness in your life? Introducing…. Awesome Remote! The must-have gadget that makes everything just a little more awesome!!! Awesome Remote comes with these great features to make everything AWESOME!!! Instant Gift Bacon!!!! Sunshine Money Balloons Mail Flowers and….. Bubbles!!! Awesome Remote makes even the most un-cool situations instantly more awesome. Don’t […]