Silly Straws

Thanks to the latest research from our exclusive laboratory, we have now scientifically proven….

….that milk drunk from a homemade silly straw……

… (shockingly) 25% yummier!!

To make your own super-silly straw, insert flexible straws one inside the other and wrap packaging tape around the parts where two straws overlap. When you’re done sippin’, make sure the milk is drained from the straw before setting it down.

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,


    If only beer tasted 25% yummier through a straw. I’m pretty sure that it tastes 25% LESS yummier through a straw.

    Something to work on, though. πŸ˜‰


  2. Oh, I am so relieved to know this research has been done for a world of thirsty milk drinkers…BUT, just to make certain the experiment is legit, I admit that I will be putting the “Silly Straw” method to test at my house in the near future… ;0)

  3. dang it! we just used up our last straws yesterday! and mark, beer tastes 25% yummier through a twizzler!

  4. Oh, we will have to test this theory too!

  5. Jeff loves to regale me with the story of when he went out drinking with some college friends and it was a fairly large group. One of the guys at the other end of the table wanted to drink from the drink by Jeff’s end, so he sat there and put together several straws, and then tried drinking from it.

    It was not the most successful plan.

  6. This is really a great discovery! WeΒ΄ll test your thesis as well.

  7. Emily’s expressions are priceless!

  8. luv that face in the last pic….Tooo funny.

    Yes this is proven known fact about silly straws that all kids must discover for themselves

  9. hehe love that you found out it was yummier.. hmm maybe Sammy will drink milk that way πŸ˜‰

  10. How cute. Love her expressions. My kids would love this if I let them do it — the key being to make sure all the milk was out of the straw before they took off.

  11. Ha ha! Those pictures are the BEST! Emily is so photogenic!

  12. Valerie,
    You are hilarious! that picture of your daughter with the wide eyes just cracks me up.

  13. Your daughter is just the cutest! I love getting your emails. They always give me great ideas to use with my kids and they never fail to make me smile!!!

  14. What a pipeline of straws. Looks like they had fun!

  15. Shockingly is the perfect adverb! The expressions in this set are priceless. Hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blogroll!

  16. My kids would absolutely LOVE this! lol