10 Frugal Ways to Fight Boredom

Being bored doesn’t have to be an excuse to go out shopping and spend a ton of money. Here are some fun ways to fight boredom that don’t cost a cent!

Jump up and down on the bed!!

Visit a local park!

Take time to smell the flowers.

Get all dressed up — just because!

Blow bubbles!!!

Turn your living room into an airplane!

Make lots of funny faces……

…with BIG googly eyes!!

Enjoy a hot cup of tea. Mmmmm… tea!

Spend some time in your anti-gravity chamber.

Wishing you and your family a fun (and frugal) weekend!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Remember when we accidentally left the kids in the anti-gravity chamber for… oh, 5 or 6 hours?

    Good times.


    • I fell asleep in there once and I think it’s still affecting my bone density. Perhaps you should adjust it a bit?

  2. 1. AHHH please put Clara in pigtails PRONTO! She looks too grown up (and still adorable, of course).
    2. I sure hope Mark isn’t supposed to be flying the plane, as he looks like he’s about to nod off…
    3. I still haven’t figured out the anti-gravity thing :>)

    • I know!! She’s growing up far too fast!

      Yup, he was the pilot, and when he was pretending to fall asleep Emily was in fits of giggles!

      Hee hee!! Anti-gravity is lots of fun!

  3. Sigh, pigtails, I so want to put my girl in pigtails.

    Poor me.

    • Your daughter is SO cute — even without the pigtails! But I hear you… when my girls stop wearing them I’ll be SO sad!!

  4. Well there is never boredom in your house!
    Cute pictures.

  5. Cute!

    I remember playing airplane when I was a kid. My parents went to Hawaii and we used their tickets to pretend play for months!

  6. THe anit-gravity pic is pretty tripy to look at…love the expressions!

    • I passed it along to Emily’s teacher for the bulletin board, and she wasn’t sure whether to hang it so Clara was upside-down or right-side up. I can understand the confusion!

  7. JDaniel4's Mom says

    These pictures are wonderful. What great ideas! Love the airplane.

  8. We tried jumping on the bed, but the children kept falling off, and bumping their heads.

  9. My kids are currently really into playing “marathon” after Daddy ran last week.

    I still have to make plans to come over to your house and try out the anti-gravity chamber.

    • Do they just run all around the house, while you try to pass them drinks on the go? That’s awesome!!!

  10. I love the airplane idea! And the anti-gravity chamber! Great pics!

  11. We’ve been playing airplane in our house, but my kids are mostly interested in packing for the trip =)

  12. Great money saving ideas for some good old fun!


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