Love Bugs

The girls have been super-busy crafting for Valentine’s Day, and when Emily came home from school, I thought it would be fun to make some love bugs! I cut out lots of paper hearts, folding the paper several times so I could cut a bunch of them all at once — very quick!

Then I invited Emily over to create her love bugs, and I made a few as well. (Can’t let the kiddos have ALL the crafting fun!) We used some googly eyes and pipe cleaners….

….and attached the wings and antennae using tape — easy peasy!

Warning — Your love bugs may decide to fly all around the house!!! Before we knew it, we had a love bug infestation!!!

Luckily, Emily has a net! *phew* Take that, silly love bugs!

They should have been more careful, and not flown so closely to the doors….. Oops!!

Have fun!!


  1. so cute! my kids will love to stick these all over the walls!

    ps–love the googley eyes on sticker sheets! where are those from?

    • Dana,

      Valerie drags me to Jo-Anne Fabrics every few months. She gets the eyes on sticker sheets there. Target used to sell them, but now does not. This is why we must absolutely go to Jo-Anne, she tells me.


  2. Dear Valerie,

    The googley eyes… they follow me — always watching.

    Creepiest. Love Bugs. Ever.

    Just kidding, they’re cute. 😀


  3. So cute! Are those googly eyes stickers!?! That’s an amazing idea!

  4. Adorable! And yet another use for post-it notes 😉

  5. And besides she’s being frugal going there, she can get them using her 40% off coupon.

    So, are the bugs made using contact paper or anything to stick them to the wall?

  6. Valerie, I just had to tell you how I love Emily’s pictures, she always looks so funny and expressive, it is priceless! I just recently started following your blog but it sure looks like you guys are having sooo much fun 🙂 Keep it up!

  7. What a bunch of hams you guys are! The one with the wing caught in the door is priceless – very cute.

  8. So cute! Abby would love this! I must go to JoAnn’s for these googley eyes!

  9. Love it! How long do the Love Bugs stay around?

  10. A lovely idea, thank you. We are currently coming to the end of a minibeast topic so it will be so much fun for my class to try. 🙂

  11. I love the idea but my favorite is the pic. I see framed of your kids art. you live what you blog and that is fun.

  12. I called M over to see this post and so now she is off to make her own set of love bugs. Thanks for such a fun craft for this weekend!

  13. LOVE LOVE the walls!!!!

  14. great crafting idea and love the added bits to make them fly on the walls!!
    Great photos as always!!

  15. My daughter will love this idea! Anything with googly eyes is a fun craft to her! By the way, I love your blog, and want to award you a Stylish Blogger award 🙂 – Thanks for your great blog!

  16. So cute and reminds me of spring…I needed that. 🙂

  17. LOVE it – so very cute. I think we will be making those too.

  18. Ha ha ha! That last one is awesome!


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