Surf’s Up, Dude!

Tired of sitting around bored at home? Do you miss Summer already? Wish the beach wasn’t so far away?? Why not turn your sofa into an ocean, and take turns diving on it — it’s so much FUN!! We covered our sectional sofa in blue sheets, added some cushions from the living room, and some […]

Sunday Snapshot- First Day of School

Emily and her proud little sister, Clara, on the first day of school!! Very exciting!! Emily could not wait to get to school! Clara was apprehensive once Emily’s bus arrived… “I don’t know about this……” “What happened to my big sister??? Where did she go? WHY did she leave me???” Melo-dramatic much??? “This is terrible!! […]

Smiley Sandwich Picks!

These smiley sandwich picks are a great way to add some FUN to plain ol’ PB&J sandwiches! They are so super-easy to make, that I’m almost ashamed to post about it. Gather some color coding labels, and draw SILLY faces on them! Sandwich a toothpick between two of the labels, and insert into your favorite […]

Sunday Snapshot — Clara vs. Minestrone Soup

What happens when I give Clara minestrone soup for lunch….. ……time for a BATH!! Wishing everyone a fun (and yummy) weekend!

Tripping the Lights Fantastic

For a fun time, crank up some dance music on your stereo. Grab some flashlights, and in a dark room….. get your groove on!! Be sure to set your camera to keep the shutter open for a few seconds, and snap some super-fun photos!! Dance, dance, dance!! Awwwwwww…. yeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!! Added bonus — tuckered out […]

Funny Friday — Have some free laughs!

Here are some videos that always make me smile! Be sure to check back this weekend — more frugal goodness!!

Sunday Snapshot — Monkey Toes

How Clara earned the nickname “Monkey Toes”….. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

Rainbow Slides

On the drive back from the Pancreatic Cancer Symposium last weekend, we were so lucky to spot a fantastic rainbow!! (A sign I took as a good omen!) Emily remarked that she wished she could slide down the rainbow, and I thought that was a great idea! First, take some photos of the kids pretending […]

Sunday Snapshot — High Tech Toddler

We purchased this refurbished ancient iMac on eBay years ago as Emily’s first learning computer. This week, it has been officially passed on to Clara! It takes a lickin’… and keeps on tickin’!

Easy City Scape Mural

During taping for a segment on today’s 10! Show, I had the pleasure of meeting Eren Cannata, a very talented singer/songwriter who was today’s musical guest. Eren performed his title track from his latest CD “Blame it on the City” — a fantastic song, and it was the inspiration for our lovely city scape mural! […]

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Clara’s Top 3 Frugal Fashion Tips for Cinco de Mayo: 1. Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to dress up in bright colors and fancy shoes! Yellow is very hip this season. Be confident — Walk that catwalk and strut your stuff. 2. A smile is the best way to dress up any outfit, and […]

Cheap Thrills — Poolside Edition

It was such a sunny and warm day, Emily decided to take a dip in the pool. Ahhhh… refreshing! Happy April Fool’s Day!!

Frugal Family Craft Fail: This is awful, and you should feel bad for doing it

Mark here. With this project, Valerie and the girls were not repurposing all of my stuff but… Things don’t always go according to plan, even at the Frugal Family Fun house. Sometimes crafts don’t turn out like they were supposed to. You might call them “awful”, if you are being nice. Valerie and Emily were […]

Invisible Basketball

We had beautiful weather this afternoon, making it the perfect day for a fun game of basketball. There were just two problems: 1. We don’t have a basketball, and 2. We don’t have a hoop. So while our neighbor was out running errands, we snuck over to his driveway for a quick game of INVISIBLE […]

Sunday Snapshot — Frugal Entertainment

Mark and Emily were outside raking leaves, while I was inside taking care of some laundry. A few minutes after they left to start raking, I heard Clara struggling with something… … it was like a grunting sort of noise. Was she trying to lift something heavy? I went to investigate… …and I found this! […]

Sunday Snapshot — He’s got some life

Sunday Snapshot — Fueling Emily’s Obsession with China