Cheap Thrills — Poolside Edition

It was such a sunny and warm day, Emily decided to take a dip in the pool.

Ahhhh… refreshing!
Happy April Fool’s Day!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    You should have Emily take her shoes off next time!

    Also, I will laugh if ducks start landing there.


  2. Very cute. Something tells me that the ducks will find their way to the pool!

  3. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    @ Mark — Actually, you're not far off. Let's just say we have some very disappointed (and thirsty) birds!!

  4. MaryAnne says

    So fun! Happy April Fool's Day =)

  5. An Almost Unschooling Mom says

    I hope she didn't try a belly flop!

  6. Raising a Happy Child says

    I was remembering the recent pictures and thinking, "Wow – pool already???" Happy April 1st 🙂

  7. Very fun!

  8. LOL… No one has gotten me today and I haven't been in the mood to prank anyone today. Cute photo though.

  9. Too funny!

  10. That's great! I was thinking, with her clothes and shoes on?

  11. Whimsical Creations says

    LOL, that is very cute!

  12. Just Breathe says

    So cute. I just love seeing your daughters in the pictures.

  13. urban craft says

    That's so Mary Poppins of her.

  14. I cant't wait for the first jump in the pool! I love to swim 🙂