Sunday Snapshot — He’s got some life


  1. Dear Valerie,

    It is late at night, and you are running around the house taking pictures of cats. Again. Let's go to bed.

    Sleepy Mark

  2. EntertainingMom says

    LMAO… mostly at Mark's comment!!

  3. Love your Sunday snapshots!!!

  4. Too cute!

    Rough life, isnt it?

  5. He's so cute!

  6. my little birdie says

    he is beautiful!

  7. I just got a kitten. 9 weeks and 4 days old. Shes only 2lbs shes super tiny with Blue eyes. I wasn't really a cat person till I got her, her names Chloe. She slept with me all night puring and cried when I got up. So adorable.

  8. @ Lisa Anne — Your kitten sounds so cute! I remember when Merlin was that small…. Now he's a big fat lazy cat!

  9. That is one contented-looking cat.

    Mark is hilarious =)

  10. @ Mary Anne — I was hard at work on a sewing project when I looked over and spotted him snoring away. It must be tough being a cat!

  11. Very cute! 🙂