Indoor Apple Picking

We have had several days of rainy weather here, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some apple picking! ((with a little help from some apple-shaped sticky notes and sticks from the yard)) It was GREAT fun!! The best part? Re-attaching the apples back to the branches to be picked again (and again)! Mmmmmmm… apple […]

7 Simple Things That Make Me Smile

Often times happiness can be found in the simplest (and most frugal) of things. Here are a few recent photos that made me smile, and I hope they bring a smile to your face too!! 1. Treating stuffed animals to a fun swing ride.   2. Impromptu trips to the candy store with rather difficult […]

Les Petits Chefs

Zee week… it has been… how do you say? Difficult, no?? Need a break from zee cooking, but still vant a vonderful home-cooked meal?? Call zee petits chefs!! Zee expert petits sous chefs vill amaze you vis zer vonderful culinary skills. Zey are specially trained to vip up zee meal zee whole family vill love. Zey use […]

Wordless Wednesday — The Happy Dance

At the Zoo

I surprised the girls with a trip to the zoo this morning! We’ve been there countless times, but they’ve never paid attention to these photo cut outs until now. This one is in front of the River Otter exhibit — it’s so fun to watch the otters swim around!! Emily thought these cut outs made […]

Toys vs Laundry Basket

The girls wanted to go visit with Grandma this afternoon, but thought it would be more fun to travel by boat instead of the 5 hour car trip. Who am I to stop them?? …and really, who needs toys when you have a laundry basket??


Need to get hold of your peeps for a play date, call a princess, or just pretend to be important?? Then you need the latest in pretend play technology — introducing iPlay!! iPlay is not available in stores everywhere, but is made using THE most technologically advanced cardboard, specially engineered plastic film (i.e. recycled packaging […]

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The girls enjoyed a wonderfully scenic hot air balloon ride this afternoon!!   They flew SO high that when they looked down, all the people looked JUST like ants!!   There were fierce winds to navigate….Oh, the thrill! The excitement!!   Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!   Somehow Mark’s ride wasn’t quite as eventful….  😉 …. but it was […]

Photo Shoots on the Cheap

Please give a warm welcome to our newest sponsor, Kodak! From now until June 19th, visit a local Kodak Kiosk near you for a special BOGO deal on their 8″ x 10″ photo books — get two photo books for the price of one. These make great personalized gifts for dads or grandfathers this Father’s […]

DIY: Tele-Transporter

Airplanes are a hassle, trains are too slow, and cars can get stuck in traffic. What you really want is a tele-transporter to instantly transport you wherever you need to go!! The girls and I went to a local park to build a prototype for our own tele-transporter, and used it to instantly transport us […]

How to Seduce a Man Using Bacon

Ten years ago today, I shamelessly seduced my husband Mark and tricked him into marrying me. Here’s how I did it using items I already had on-hand (super-frugal) in my tiny dorm room in college. Step 1: Cook bacon. Don’t let the man of your dreams get away. Be sure to keep a never-ending supply […]

Wordless Wednesday — Sprinklers!!

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but for $4.99 it will buy you a sprinkler at Target — and that’s almost the same thing. Lots of good (clean) FUN!!

Things That Made Me Smile Today

1. Commissioning Emily to paint a “masterpiece” for our kitchen, and watching her joyfully paint a large canvas!   2. Playing dress up with Clara, and then….   3. Taking her out for ice cream (a rare treat) made even more fun in her princess dress up clothes! Oh, the smiles she received from other […]

Sunday Snapshot — Rock Star Gardening!

Know what makes working in the garden seem like a lot more fun?? Cranking up the radio and gardening rock-star style!! Also?? I play a mean air guitar with a shovel! 😉 Wishing all the mommies a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

Sunday Snapshot — First Signs of Spring

Did ya hear the news?? Spring has SPRUNG!!!!!! We were SO excited and happy to see these first signs of the season!! Yay for Spring!!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Spring-filled weekend!!

Complimentary Placemats

After the girls went to bed, Mark and I thought it would be fun to make up our own breakfast placemats filled with compliments for one another using pieces of colored paper which were laminated with clear contact paper. This way, we can start our day with lots of positive thoughts, and it was a […]

Sunday Snapshot – Imagination Takes Flight

This weekend we used our Makedo kits to build planes from empty diaper boxes! The girls had great fun as flying aces! Oh, the excitement!! The adventure!!! They soared so high! It was death-defying!! Check out the look on Clara’s face after coming out of a loop!! Have fun!!   More Screen-Free Fun for Kids: […]

How to Take a Mini Vacation

Looking for an inexpensive vacation?? Want to just get away from it all?? Tired of being treated like cattle at traditional airports? Then it’s time to take a mini vacation! Here’s how… in just 10 easy steps! Step 1: Pack your bags!! — This is crucial to that feeling of leaving it all behind, and […]