Wordless Wednesday — The Happy Dance


  1. So cute! Definitely seen many happy dances like that in my boys! Anytime they are in the water…they’re HAPPY!

  2. What a great shot! :)happy, happy


  3. oops! My name is Jen, not Je. he, he

  4. Love the look on her face! She is totally into it.

  5. Awesome! My comment was too short, so instead I will write a brief soliloquy on the art of commenting and my dog eating half a pound of pulled pork from my dining room table. I’m a little worried about what his digestive system is going to do with that food. That and trying to figure out how he got up there. You wouldn’t think he’d be able to get up there, but he has his ways.

    There, I don’t think wordpress will think my comment is too short now. And now you know more about my very bad dog…..

  6. This is a beautiful shot. Love the tongue sticking out.

  7. SO very CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That makes me happy, just watching!

  9. Simply adorable.