Need to get hold of your peeps for a play date, call a princess, or just pretend to be important?? Then you need the latest in pretend play technology — introducing iPlay!!

iPlay is not available in stores everywhere, but is made using THE most technologically advanced cardboard, specially engineered plastic film (i.e. recycled packaging from a friend’s iPod Touch), and sophisticated duct tape. Don’t forget the clear packaging tape for that super-slick display! Make one quickly — You won’t want to be left behind!!

At last — (pretend) information is available at your fingertips!!

“Hello, Grandma? Did ya get the text message I sent ya about the Twitter update on my Facebook page??”

I think our pretend play just took a major upgrade, don’t you??


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I hear that the battery life is INCREDIBLE!


  2. Ha! If only I had seen this BEFORE my 3 year old learned about Uno on my iPod. I don’t think I can fake it ;o) Nice job though!

    • LOL — Kids are so quick with technology, aren’t they?? The girls really like this pretend version. They’ve been writing their own “apps”! πŸ™‚

  3. Nana Michele says

    This blog is responsible for me being absolutely counting the hours until the grandchildren arrive! Every time I go to your site I want to do what you are doing.

    • Oh, I am SO happy to hear that!!! πŸ™‚ You will have a BLAST with the grandkids this Summer! Be sure to tell us all about it! πŸ™‚

  4. Well, I just heard that my company plans to make displays out of thin paper-like plastic one day, so who knows – your iPlay might become very real very soon. In the meantime, enjoy your unplugged life πŸ™‚

  5. Be careful, though. Because you might find your play-phone shoved into an actual-phone charger. (Fortunately, they’re pretty easy to get out.)

  6. TOO FUNNY! We did the same thing! I love that they put that on top of our iTouch.

    • Me too! I’m surprised how much the girls love their “new” phone! Simple toys really are the best, aren’t they??

  7. Oh man. I wonder if I still have any of that stuff from getting my phone……

  8. At first I thought you actually did give her an i-phone and were pimping out an app. And my heart died a little bit. “Nooooo, not Valerie. Nooooooo!”
    I should have known better. I apologise for doubting you.
    My son carries around an old broken cell-phone that was turned in for cell-phone recylcing at his school and was in too bad shape and too old even to be recycled.
    He really likes it. He calls his grandparents all the time too. It’s so cute how they always call the grandparents!

  9. Wonderful idea for pretend play. My hubby and I both have an Iphone – I wonder if we saved those packages:)

  10. Awesome idea – wish I’d thought of it myself ;-p

  11. That’s so cute! It’s actually much better looking (and probably more functional) than my current old-skool phone.

  12. Yes, simple toys are the best! My kids adore pretend play and they would love this.