Wordless Wednesday — Sprinklers!!

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but for $4.99 it will buy you a sprinkler at Target — and that’s almost the same thing.

Lots of good (clean) FUN!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    This means that I don’t have to give the girls baths tonight, right??

    Love, Bubba

  2. Great pics of Happiness!

  3. So fun!! It was a hot one here today and I wished I could have run through a sprinkler!

  4. Those are really fun shots. Looks like they had a blast!

  5. This reminds me that I have to buy a new sprinkler for my kids. That one looks fun. We also like the ball sprinkler that you can throw.

  6. Those are some great actions shots!! I can’t believe how grown up little miss looks in these!!!

  7. That is adorable. They look so happy 😀

  8. JDaniel4's Mom says

    The sprinkler looks like such fun. It is so hot here. A sprinkler would cool us all down.

  9. I use an even simpler hose attachment as our sprinkler. On warm days, the boys beg to get soaked. Ah, the joy of simple pleasures.

  10. Pure joy! We can’t wait for summer.

  11. I’ve had my eye on that sprinkler, trying to resist, considering we already have plenty of water spraying devices. You’re not helping, with the super cute pics of your girls’ joy!

    We ran through the sprinkler today too 🙂

  12. Our sprinkler broke last year and I was going to buy a new one. I can’t believe that one was only $5! I think a trip to target is in order.

  13. It does look like good clean fun, but I would love to see it spouting water over our mud pit. OHHHH! What a fun mess that would be!

  14. AWESOME!! You captured pure summertime joy!

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  15. Stephanie says

    We have the same sprinkler! My girls love to create games using it like choosing different actions as they pass through it, or using it as part of an obstacle course. Their favorite is seeing who can stand in the middle the longest.
    Even my 14 yr old, too cool to hang-out with her sisters, daughter loves to use it!

  16. I love the idea of “Wordless Wednesday”. Great photos!

  17. hahaha! love the picture of your daughter jumping in the air!! cute!

  18. Brought a BIG smile to my face. Fun!!!