Les Petits Chefs

Zee week… it has been… how do you say? Difficult, no?? Need a break from zee cooking, but still vant a vonderful home-cooked meal?? Call zee petits chefs!!

Zee expert petits sous chefs vill amaze you vis zer vonderful culinary skills. Zey are specially trained to vip up zee meal zee whole family vill love. Zey use zee freshest ingredients hand-picked from zee garden (zee best!!). Zee pasta vis zee gourmet tomato sauce is made vis zee home grown tomatoes… Délicieux!

Zey slice… and zey dice!! Ooo, la la!!!

And zee meals…. zey are… how do you say?? Magnifique, no??

Oui! Oui!!

Bon Appétit!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Oui oui!


  2. This post just left me smiling. Loved it. Thanks for posting some fun and sweetness. 😉

  3. She’s adorable!

    “Les petits chefs”

  4. Magnifique! Les filles sont tres belles et tres bon pour la cuisson! Oui oui!

  5. Zee petite chef’s face expressions make me chuckle!

  6. C’est Vachement Super!
    Zee girls are tres adorable! : )

  7. We miss you! Hope things are well! We had some challenging months with medical issues (parents and hubby). Things are finally settling down. Can we try skype one day soon?