Reason #1,438 Why Mark is Awesome

We were blessed with our first RED tomato… and there was much rejoicing!!!

This was quickly followed by many, many, many, MANY more tomatoes — hundreds of them!

Know why my hubby’s awesome?? He totally made several jars of homemade sauce! Also?? He canned them, so we can save them to enjoy well into Winter!! I LOVE this man!!!! Our house smelled sooooooooooo good!

Recipe can be found at Collecting the Moments… One by One, and it was an instant family favorite. (Mark likes to strain the tomatoes after roasting them.) Instructions for canning tomato sauce can be found here.

Mark likes using the Back to Basics Canning Kit which he found to be inexpensive yet very effective, and it’s available on Amazon.

Next up? Big plans for homemade salsa using our garden tomatoes, onions, and peppers. YUM!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Oh dear, I’m only up to 1,438? I need to work harder.


  2. Yummo! Well done Mark 🙂 They are good lookin’ tomatoes. And nice matching table cloth, gorgeous. I found a nice recipe for chilli tomato jam once…

  3. It’s a good thing you keep him in the bacon – he sounds like a keeper 🙂

  4. Woot! Way to go, Mark! I know you guys will enjoy that for months to come!

  5. Mmmmm, sounds good. I wish our tomatoes had done so well! So far only a handful. Good for your hubby!


  6. Impressive! Even more impressive is growing hundreds of tomatoes on your patch. Salsa sounds so good!

  7. love home made sauces and things, well done Mark!

  8. I think I love him too, lol! So jealous of that delish looking sauce and the abundance of fresh tomatoes. Enjoy it!

  9. Can you help me grow some? I think my garden is all weeds now, and there might have been one tomato. Of course the 60 plus days over 100 probably didn’t help…..

    Now I really want spaghetti.

  10. So glad I found your blog!! My Italian hubby and children eat the tomatoes so quickly there is nothing left to can – but yours sure look yummy! Now I am hungry for salsa….

    xoxo michele

  11. High Fives Mark!
    Valerie….guess what? My husband makes our tomato sauce too! Too bad our tomatoes are not ready yet.
    Our men our keepers!

  12. Ack…still sleeping!
    I meant “Our men ARE keepers!”

  13. Oh, yum! That sauce looks SO good.

  14. Oh My YUM! Go Mark! You rock! Now send the sun my way so I can make some of that awesome tomato sauce too! 😉



  15. Yum! Salsa sounds good too.

  16. Way to go, Mark! I need more details. How many tomatoes, from how many tomato plants? How many pints of sauce did you get (I’ve heard it takes lots and lots of tomatoes to make not very much sauce)? Did you use a water bath or pressure canner?

    My (small) garden is almost exclusively tomatoes and green beans this year, because I was hoping to be able to get enough of each ripe at one time to make canning worthwhile…so far, not so good. Hoping for a bumper second crop of green beans.