Reason #3,542 Why Mark is Awesome

It’s fun to send Mark to the store for groceries…. ….He comes home with all the “essentials”! Wishing you and your family a fun and chocolate-filled weekend!!

Favorite Summer Recipe — Peach Ice Cream

Purchasing an ice cream maker…. is it worth it? I say “YES!” Here’s why: Save Money — Have you seen the price of ice cream lately? Making your own ice cream can be significantly less expensive than the comparable store-bought ice cream. Size Matters — Like many grocery products, ice cream containers are shrinking. A […]

What’s in your pantry?

Since I only do grocery shopping once a month, a well-stocked pantry is a necessity. Here are some of our favorite healthy and inexpensive pantry foods: Oatmeal Brown Rice Whole Wheat Pasta Dried Beans Potatoes Canned Tuna Peanut Butter Canned Tomatoes I’m very curious to find out what you keep in your pantry. Leave a […]

Top 5 Things to Buy in Bulk

If done properly, buying in bulk can save a substantial amount of money. Check unit prices to make sure you are getting a good deal. Here are some of our family’s top picks for stock piling and buying in bulk: Toilet Paper — I would say paper goods, but we have replaced paper towels and […]

Like coupons for organics? Try Mambo Sprouts!

I love finding coupons for organic items, and if you have not already signed up for Mambo Sprouts, you might want to give it a try. Click here to sign up for their FREE newsletter which includes up to $35 in savings for healthy food items (usually organic milk, bread, eggs, butter, etc.)  Most coupons […]

Free Menu Planner

Here is the worksheet I use to create our weekly menus. It is free for download, and if you post it on your blog, I would really appreciate a link back to Frugal Family Fun Blog. Thanks so much! It is simple, but it works for us. To get more menu planning ideas, see this […]

The Secrets to Once a Month Grocery Shopping

If you have never tried once a month grocery shopping, February is the perfect month to start!  With just 28 days, if you are already accustomed to shopping every other week, once a month shopping for this month will not feel like much of a stretch.  Here are some tips to get started: Leave the […]

6 Tips for Handling Picky Eaters

Are your kids picky eaters? Are you preparing several dinners each night? Finding ways to handle picky eaters can be a huge help towards keeping a low food budget. Here are some tips that worked with our little picky one (who is not so picky any more!). Do not keep junk food in the house. […]

Frugal Meal Planning 101

For many households, food can be one of the highest monthly expenses (second to rent or mortgage). Fortunately, there are several tricks to slashing your grocery bill while still maintaining a healthy diet.  Meal planning is one technique, and you may find it works well for your family. If you have never tried to reduce […]

Coupon Alert

Tip — Be sure to pick up a copy of today’s newspaper for some great coupon inserts!  The paper for the first weekend of the year usually contains a large number of coupons, and this year is no exception.  Some gas stations may sell the Sunday paper on Monday at a discount, so you may […]

Coupon Giveaway – Last Chance to Enter

My very first giveaway is almost over.  The coupon giveaway ends at 6pm EST, so be sure to get your entry in.  You could win 50 coupons (many are for organic items)!  Details here. FYI:  Another giveaway starts soon!

Advanced Coupon Strategies

Are you looking for ways to save even more money at the grocery store? Have you used coupons in the past? Would you like to learn how to maximize your savings? Learn how to save tons of money using these advanced coupon strategies. Sunday Paper — One of the best ways to accumulate a nice […]