FFFB Projects By YOU!!

Know what makes me really HAPPY??

Checking my email and finding lovely notes from readers with photos of some of the projects we’ve helped to inspire!! It always makes me smile and do a happy dance!

Here are some of my favorites…

I love this version of our love bugs — especially the added speech bubbles! So cute!! (Sent in by Anna K.)


This version of our tiny Easter baskets is adorable — such pretty colors! (Sent in by Erin.)


I love this version of our felt letter set because it was sent by a self-proclaimed “uncrafty mom”. Ha!! She seems pretty crafty to me! (Sent in by Karen.)


Oh, and the paint on this version of our paper birdhouses — LOVE!!! (Sent in by Katrina.)


This version of our autumn window display is just stunning! So beautiful!! (Sent in by Rebecca.)


And there are two VERY busy crafty girls in Australia who have made this festive version of our paper mobile, had lots of fun with googly eyes, and made lots and lots of microwave puffy paintings! FUN!!!! (Sent in by Nicole.)

Thank you SO much for sharing your versions of our projects with us!!!!

Psst! Have a photo of a project we inspired that you’d like to share? If you upload it to our Facebook page, it would totally make my day!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Life just wouldn’t be complete without googly eyes.


  2. Wow we feel so honoured to be mentioned on your lovely bloggy blog 🙂 The girls are so excited!! Thank you so much Valerie. Anyway, must go, we have some valentine notes to make…