10 Amazing Toys You Can Make For Your Kids

It’s no secret that we love making our own toys around here! Many times, these are the toys the kids play with the most, and in some cases the kids have played an active role in helping to make them. Here are ten of our all-time favorite homemade toys for kids to inspire imagination and creativity (and they are easy to make too!):

1. Shadow Puppet Theater — An instant favorite, and perfect for keeping the kiddos entertained during a power outage. Lots of creative storytelling fun!


2. Pretend Spy Kit — Made with items you may already have on-hand or are readily available at any dollar store.


3. Sponge Blocks — This could not be any simpler, and it is the perfect activity for quiet time!


4. Fairy House Kit — Put together some inexpensive craft supplies for a make-your-own fairy house kit. My girls had so much fun with this!!


5. Cardboard Construction Set — Got moving boxes?? This is a great way to encourage building on a large scale without taking up much room when you are done, since all of the pieces lay flat for easy storage. The possibilities are practically endless!


6. Cardboard Café — Another fun way to put those cardboard boxes to use, this cardboard café was later recycled into a classroom, and then again into a pizza shop. Oh, how I love cardboard!!


7. Pretend Donuts — There is no sewing involved for this pretend donuts, and the kids can help decorate them! They are made from a pair of men’s dress socks.


8. Doorway Puppet Theater — Curtain tension rods have never been put to better use.


9. Doll Bath Set — Another play set made with items from the dollar store. This was a huge hit around here!


10. Pretend S’mores — Again, no sewing involved here. What I loved most about these pretend play s’mores is that they inspired the kids to create a pretend campfire, set up a tent, and they spent a long time pretending to roast marshmallows, tell stories, and sing campfire songs!

Have fun!!


  1. Those are really cute projects. Your girls are so lucky to have you for their mom!

  2. I love those projects! One time we made an aquarium and my kids still keep it as a treasure. It was two yeas ago 🙂

  3. I love your creativity. Doll bath set is definitely on my list!

  4. All of these ideas are wonderful! I have a pile of cardboard ready for play. And I may have to add some donuts and cake to the mix. 🙂

  5. You have the BEST ideas and perfect for the holidays especially for tight budgets!! Thank you!!

  6. How did I miss the cardboard construction set? Genius 🙂 It really is very cool, thanks Valerie.

  7. Cute ideas!

  8. Christine Bryn says

    What a great and awsome way to get idea’s to do with your kids, Grandkids, etc. Love the involvement and how they can use their other idea’s to tell a story or play. Great! Thanks!!:)

  9. I love this, stumbled on this via Pinterest, my girl will love this:)

  10. I came here following a slow cooker recipe and found this amazing list. We’ve bought so many toys over the years only to discover that kids always prefer to imagine/make toys out of what we have in the house. So lately I’ve been making similar craft projects for them. My favorites from this list are the shadow puppet theater and the doughnut – we’re definitely doing these. Thank you!