DIY Holiday Gift for Kids — Doll Bath Set

After the girls were in bed, it was my turn for a bit of holiday-making! I combined a few things I already had on-hand (empty travel sized shampoo bottles and soap leftover from a hotel stay, a sponge) along with a few things from the dollar store or Target — hand towels, a pack of baby wash clothes, and rubber duckies.

Once I cut up the sponge into smaller pieces, I thought these would make a fun bath set for the girls’ dolls!

With the exception of the hand towels, most of these things came in packs of 3 or 4, so I even had enough materials to make a few more bath sets for their friends’ dolls too!!

The gift boxes came from AC Moore’s bakery supply section — I used a 50% off coupon making them $7.99 for a pack of 6, or $1.33 each. Not at all necessary, but they do look nice for gift-giving! These were so simple to put together, and I estimated each kit to cost just $3.58. I hope the girls enjoy lots of bath time fun with them!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    My shampoo and little soaps! What will I do in case of a soap-related emergency now?


  2. Great idea, might have to make up a few of these myself!

  3. Cute idea 🙂

  4. Oh, so cute!

  5. This is a great way of putting small things together to make a neat gift! I’ve linked. Just trying to figure out from the picture, though–you kept the shampoo bottles empty? Was that in case of spills, or more because they were meant just for pretend play?

  6. Okay, this idea has sent me into cute overload. HOW do you think of these things?! They need to invent a brain scan so we can all see these creative ideas forming in your mind! My toddler would tremble and squeal and them combust if I made her baby dolls these bath kits! Thanks as always for the great ideas.

    p.s. Did you know there is really a website called Cute Overload? It’s hilarious; tons of cute animal pictures that kids love. I can’t remember if it’s a joke or for real…

  7. I’m thinking perfect use for all of those hotel shampoos I keep collecting. You know aside from letting Princess endlessly fill and empty them in the bath tub.

  8. You could use origami to make the small interior boxes. Origami paper, a square of wrapping paper or construction paper will do. Just Google instructions or check here ( for a box with a divider. (Someone even made one out of newspaper and used it for starting seeds.)

  9. Such a cute idea! 🙂 I better get started on my holiday gifts too! How does it just sneak up on me like this every year?

  10. great idea,love the soap & sponge addition! My sister in law cut small(15″x10″) “blankets” out of fleece for my daughter one year when our family was having a frugal christmas. She got remnants and her leftovers…so quick and easy without fraying! MY daughter thought they were the best present!

  11. I really love this! I will be traveling a lot this year and collecting those shampoos for the next year gift giving season 🙂


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