Frugal Last Minute Gift Idea for Kids — Doorway Puppet Theatre

Emily seemed to enjoy this frugal activity the most of all the gift ideas I have covered this week!  Today’s project is a Doorway Puppet Theatre, and she played with it all afternoon, so I am very excited to share this with you!  

To make your own doorway puppet theatre, you will need:
  1. 3 Curtain Tension Rods — I found these at Walmart for just a few dollars.
  2. 2 Curtains (1 Curtain Valance & 1 Shorter Curtain) — I made these with about 1 yard of leftover fabric.
  3. 1 Dark Colored Rectangular Table Cloth — We taped ours to one of the top curtain rods, but you could sew this into a curtain as well.
  4. Various Puppets — The one pictured above came from the dollar section of Target!
Arrange two curtain rods near the top of the doorway with a valance curtain on the front rod, and the tablecloth on the back rod.  Add the third curtain rod with a short curtain about 2 feet below the hem of the top curtain.
Emily adored this theatre, and loved to put on puppet shows for Clara to enjoy!  It also does not take up much room for storage, which is a great plus.


  1. You’re so creative. Kids will like this better than a toy from the store, too.

  2. donmarkphoto says

    Genius! I love this!!