Reason #3,542 Why Mark is Awesome

It’s fun to send Mark to the store for groceries…. ….He comes home with all the “essentials”! Wishing you and your family a fun and chocolate-filled weekend!!

Sunday Snapshot — Too much love??

Wishing you and your family a fun-filled weekend with lots of hugs and kisses!!

Surf’s Up, Dude!

Tired of sitting around bored at home? Do you miss Summer already? Wish the beach wasn’t so far away?? Why not turn your sofa into an ocean, and take turns diving on it — it’s so much FUN!! We covered our sectional sofa in blue sheets, added some cushions from the living room, and some […]

Sunday Snapshot- First Day of School

Emily and her proud little sister, Clara, on the first day of school!! Very exciting!! Emily could not wait to get to school! Clara was apprehensive once Emily’s bus arrived… “I don’t know about this……” “What happened to my big sister??? Where did she go? WHY did she leave me???” Melo-dramatic much??? “This is terrible!! […]

Sunday Snapshot — Clara vs. Minestrone Soup

What happens when I give Clara minestrone soup for lunch….. ……time for a BATH!! Wishing everyone a fun (and yummy) weekend!

Back to School Photo Name Labels

The girls and I had so much fun putting together these photo name labels, and they are perfect for labeling names on folders, notebooks, and other school supplies! I drew an outline of each letter of their names on a sheet of construction paper for the girls to color. For Clara, this was great letter […]

Sunday Snapshot — Car Repair

Mark’s car is back on the road! It was no small task considering it has over 175,000 miles on it, and we are grateful for that!! Wishing you a fun-filled weekend!!

Sunday Snapshot — Home again, home again!!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July holiday!!

Sunday Snapshot — Monkey Toes

How Clara earned the nickname “Monkey Toes”….. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

Rainbow Slides

On the drive back from the Pancreatic Cancer Symposium last weekend, we were so lucky to spot a fantastic rainbow!! (A sign I took as a good omen!) Emily remarked that she wished she could slide down the rainbow, and I thought that was a great idea! First, take some photos of the kids pretending […]

Sunday Snapshot — On Your Mark, Get Set…

……Go!!! Wishing everyone a fun weekend! I’m still trying to catch my breath from all these races!! Please help send me to Vermont for the Stonyfield Barnstorming Tour by voting for me here! As an added bonus, if I make the top 3, Stonyfield will make a $5000 donation to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. […]

Photo Puppets

These photo puppets were so much fun to make, and I think the girls will enjoy making scenery to act out plays with them. What little girl doesn’t like to imagine herself as a flying fairy? For boys, try this same technique, but turn them into superheroes instead. Not that there’s anything wrong with boys […]

Sunday Snapshot — High Tech Toddler

We purchased this refurbished ancient iMac on eBay years ago as Emily’s first learning computer. This week, it has been officially passed on to Clara! It takes a lickin’… and keeps on tickin’!

Easy City Scape Mural

During taping for a segment on today’s 10! Show, I had the pleasure of meeting Eren Cannata, a very talented singer/songwriter who was today’s musical guest. Eren performed his title track from his latest CD “Blame it on the City” — a fantastic song, and it was the inspiration for our lovely city scape mural! […]

Sunday Snapshot — Happy Mother’s Day!

…………….from my brother’s puppy, Storm!!  

Sunday Snapshot — Look Who’s into Sidewalk Chalk!

Wishing you a fun and frugal weekend!!

Cheap Thrills — Poolside Edition

It was such a sunny and warm day, Emily decided to take a dip in the pool. Ahhhh… refreshing! Happy April Fool’s Day!!

Sunday Snapshot — Egg Hunt Fun

Wishing you and your family and fun-filled weekend!